Why Choose a Dedicated Server for Your Brandís Intranet?

Posted by vpnshazam com on March 16th, 2020

Having a dedicated VPN is one of the best things that you can do for your company’s intranet as well as internal communications. These days, a lot of companies have started using independent and dedicated servers for their brand’s IP and domain and use dedicated servers to improve the overall performance of their website and their intranet. Here are 3 reasons why companies choose a dedicated server for their intranet rather than a shared server -

Extremely secured network

When you have a dedicated VPN and IP for your brand website, your entire network is completely secured, and it makes the entire process online for your teams a whole lot more protected. You don’t have to worry about any hackers breaking into your system, your IP address being tracked or even your data being leaked to general public.

Brands like VPN Shazam have the best VPN with dedicated IP to help you get the best quality network providers with the best server security. This will protect not just your company information but also your individual employee information in the entire database which can help in the long run for your brand.

Better network speed

With the best dynamic IP VPN, you enjoy super-fast internet speed as well as internal high-speed data sharing. This helps your internal teams communicate each other faster in real time as well as share heavy data files seamlessly across different teams. Be it extremely heavy files with encrypted data or even smaller files or photos and videos, everything can be shared quickly in a dedicated dynamic VPN.

This is something you don’t enjoy when you have a shared server because everything is shared across different IP addresses. This slows down the entire process for your teams as well as for the outsiders that visit your brand’s website. So overall, the intranet as well as the front-end website suffers on a shared server unlike when you have a single dedicated server which helps improve speed and performance on the whole.

Complete privacy for your intranet

The best part about having a dedicated server and IP for your brand’s website is that all the internal communications are completely protected from the outsiders. The dedicated VPN and firewall don’t allow any information from your intranet to get shared without permission to the outside world or the frontend website in this case.

If you don’t have a specific login or username, you simply cannot enter the intranet which helps to set aside certain ‘ground rules’ for the teams too. This is basically an added security level which helps to streamline everything in your intranet as well as internal company communications and data sharing too.

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