What are the elements to look for buying a no scratch spray for cats?

Posted by Fareedkhan on March 16th, 2020

With plenty of options for no scratch spray available in the market for cats, it can be confusing to get hands-on the right one. As some spray may contain toxic chemicals, it is necessary to choose the spray only from quality manufacturers. This will prevent owners from harming pets. Make sure that the ingredients of the spray are correct and it is not harmful to the cat. Other sprays may contain ingredients that will leave a permanent stain in the furniture.

Therefore, it is better to opt for natural solutions that will prevent your cat from scratching without any stain on the furniture. You need to consider the following elements to buy the right item.

Ingredients used in the spray

This is the primary requirement to look for when buying the no scratch cat spray. Try to avoid the sprays that contain chemical solutions. It can have a negative impact on your cat. Try to get the ones that are prepared from natural ingredients using a natural method. Some of the ingredients that are safe to buy are plant-based ones, essential oils, and the like.

Safety of using spray

The safety is also important to consider as you do not want to irritate your cat using the wrong spray. Some spray can also result in some irritation on the cat's coat and it should not make the upper coat dry. Therefore, it is better to get a spray that will be gentle on the cat's skin. Try to get the spray that is paraben-free for better results.

Is the spray effective to use?

Before buying the spray, try to know whether the spray will be effective from stopping your cat from scratch or not. If you are buying the sprays from online sites, it is better to research well about it and read the customer review section. This shall help you grasp better insight into how useful is the spray to get. It is better to choose a product that comes with a better customer guarantee. This indicates that if the product is not effective as claimed, you will get back the money.

Non-staining effect of the spray

The best cat no scratch spray should not have a staining effect. As you will spray the solution on your furniture, it should not leave any stain on it. Therefore, you should buy the spray that does not contain any harmful ingredients.

Therefore, by following these considerations, it will be easy for you to choose the correct quality of the spray. It can prevent your cat from scratching your furniture or anything it gets. After buying the spray, try to know its proper usage to get the required results.

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