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Posted by Maplestory2M on March 17th, 2020

Just in time for your Super buy mut coins madden 20 Bowl, Madden 20 will be receiving a shoe. More specifically, the Nike Vapor Edge Cleat. Most notably, it will be the first time an upgrade will affect players' abilities in-game, increasing their rate and acceleration. EA states the digital shoes are now.

Madden is a product. It a simulation of more a simulation of watching football on TV and playing football. Which means it sponsorships and exists using its very own ads as kind of a weird, alternate world version of the NFL. A real life Nike cleat producing an appearance in Madden isn't so strange.

However, the accession of the Vapor Edge Cleat sets a precedent: a change that also permits stat boosts. (Imagine a Fortnite skin with special buffs. That would be bullshit, right?) There are not any details on how far these players that are chosen will be affected by this, and understanding how carefully Madden tries to balance itself, I imagine it won't be enormous.

Nonetheless, it makes players signed mut 20 coins with Nike more powerful -- the other side being was signed into, say, Adidas by an athlete or Under Armour, is effective, at least at the world of Madden. And listen: players at the NFL care about Madden. They perform a lot of it! I interviewed Todd Gurley, who told me he awakened through lots of Madden despite being terrible at it.

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