Everything You Need to Know About Dhokla Recipe

Posted by rima chauhan on March 17th, 2020

Dhokla recipe and the different varieties that you get:

When you go for the modern dhokla recipe, you find that there are multiple spices and even different steaming techniques when it comes to cook dhokla on low flame. The ratio of chickpea differs for every new kind of dhokla recipe that you make, and depending on that, you can eat the cheese, the toor, rava, the sandwiched, the meetha, besan, green peas and other varieties of dhokla recipe. Since dhokla is made with a fermented chickpea and rice grain flour batter, it becomes an easy source of protein and minerals for the body. The ingredients that are used for garnishing include chilli and coriander which have their own intrinsic value, and they help you not to succumb to frequent bouts of cough and cold.

Steaming dhokla recipe is an ideal way to lose weight and to stay fit:

When you eat steaming dhokla recipe, this becomes one of the finest ways to reduce weight. The baking soda keeps your bones and teeth strong, and the dhokla chickpea also helps you in digestion. Dhokla recipe is a rich storehouse of calcium, magnesium and selenium, along with iodine and sodium that keeps the body in motion. It also keeps your appetite full and helps you to build up the immunity system to the core.

  • Dhokla is somehow rich in complex carbohydrates but it does not contain any saturated fat and bad cholesterol, hence keeps the body balance in perfect order.
  • You can easily microwave dhokla and the semolina, besan and gram flour help to cleanse your entire system. The rich antioxidant varieties of any dhokla recipe reach your body and help your body growth. Dhokla has besan that is low in glycemic index; hence it can also be consumed as snacks by people who suffer from diabetes.
  • Pregnant woman and kids can also have dhokla, and if you are associated with any sports activity like cycling and swimming, then dhokla recipe can give you instant energy. However, you should be careful not to mix sugar or excessive jiggery to your garnishing part, as that would lead to more sugar consumption.

About the author: The author is a senior stage actress but she also likes to experiment with Gujarati food. Here she writes about everything that is interesting about dhokla recipe. She is also a food photographer.

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