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Posted by naturalpuerh on March 17th, 2020

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The wild tea refers to the tea leaves made by picking the young leaves of wild camellia plants. Note the ancient, non-cultivated Pu-erh tea. Wild tea can be said to be a type of tea that is unique to Pu-erh tea and unique to Yunnan. Wild tea in other regions and other types is essentially different from what we mean by wild tea. Because all over the world, only Yunnan has been in the deep mountains around Yunnan, and there are still a large number of wild camellia plant communities, which can be picked and used. Even if there are still a few wild camellia tree species in other areas, they can basically only be circled and protected for observation. 

Wild tea generally grows in low latitudes and high altitudes in southern Yunnan. These areas are widely populated and the population density is extremely low. There is almost no modern industry. Wild tea often grows in "no man's land" without long-term fixed residents in old forests in deep mountains, and has no chance of being exposed to pesticides, fertilizers and other pollution. Many foods are now labeled as "green" and "organic". To put it in terms, which one of the foods we can contact can surpass wild tea, which is more "organic" and "green" than it.
Wild tea is a product of natural selection, and the tree is generally over 1,000 years old. In previous years, these wild tea trees grew too high. People cut it with a knife, which has a great impact on the destruction of tea trees. Over the years, the gradual nation has begun conscious protection. This high-aged wild tea is the purest and most natural. After thousands of years of growth and purification, its roots have penetrated deeply into the soil, and its ability to resist natural disasters is very strong. It absorbs only the essence of nature. 

Pu-erh tea tastes wild and domineering in general. It just reflects his innocence and naturalness. People who like to drink domineering and strong tea. In addition, wild tea has higher requirements for the health of tea people. Friends who are too fragile and have weak bodies are afraid that they cannot support the shaving of tea and lower blood sugar.

Yunnan is the region with the most concentrated wild tea plant communities in the world. In the deep mountains of the southwestern Yunnan tea area, there are large areas of wild tea forests, mainly distributed in Dehong Prefecture, Yongde and Longling areas in the south of Baoshan, Lincang Aoku area, northern Simao Jingdong area and southern Menghai Lake Yan Song. 

Wild-type tea trees belong to the ancestors of modern tea evolution lines, and are distributed in many species such as thick-axis tea, Dali tea, and Yunnan-Myanmar tea in the tea region of southwestern Yunnan. These wild tea trees are in the form of arbor, the tree is tall and erect, and the height can reach several meters to tens of meters. The appearance and smell of each species are very different. 

Most of the wild-type large tea trees in Yunnan are very old, have poor ability to germinate, and have poor reproductive ability. The wild-type tea tree community in its original state is a treasure trove of precious species resources and has a high historical and scientific value. The treatment of wild tea tree resources in Yunnan should be protected rather than blindly developed.

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100 Healthy Raw Snacks And Treats - Healthy snacks that taste great. Natural - Sugar Free - No Cook - Living Nutrition for Living Bodies.
100 Healthy Raw Snacks And Treats was written to teach you how to create delicious but healthy snacks and treats that raise your metabolism naturally.
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