Looking For The Best Marijuana Strains? Here’s All You Need To Know

Posted by HelenaNelson on March 17th, 2020

Finding some of the best strains can be a tricky task for many of us. You can also go to the internet and buy marijuana online. To make your job more comfortable, we provide you with a list of the four best marijuana strains.

Here’s all you need to know about these four marijuana strains.

1. Did you know about the godfather OG?

This is a hybrid with Indica being a dominant part of it. The reports at High Times say that it is one of the most powerful and effective strains on earth.

If you are someone who’s looking for details about the THC content, then I must tell you it has a THC content of more than thirty-four percent.

When we talk about the effectiveness of this strain, if you will smoke this bud, it will give you the most unbelievable brainy high. This will ultimately result in creating the most pleasing ecstasy for your soul.

2. Chemdawg – The Pungent Marijuana Strain

If you are a novice, then don’t go for this one, it’s not made for you. With a THC content level of about thirty-two percent, it is the strain with one of the highest THC content.

Rumours claim that the Chemdawg is a combination or a cross of the famous Thai and Nepalese Sativa.

As the name suggests, this hybrid with an Indica level of about fifty-five percent is famous for its pungent fragrance.

Do you know a fun fact? This strain is also used to produce sour diesel, which is another popular and strong marijuana strain. 

It will provide you with a pleasant cerebral high. This will stay pleasant if you know exactly how to handle it properly. See, that’s the reason why I said, this one is not for the novice.

3. This Marijuana strain is the real McCoy – Irish Cream

This strain is one of the best marijuana strains and has a THC content level of more than twenty-seven percent on average. It is a perfect combination of Indica, real McCoy with cookies and Cream.

One of the best things about this strain is that it can help you in reducing anxiety, stress, body pain and depression. Also, it can help you have a good night’s sleep naturally. Therefore, this strain is best to have in the evening and night use.

4. The dessert-like strain – Strawberry Banana

The best combo of Crocket’s Banana kush, strawberry bubblegum and indica of about seventy percent. It has a THC level of around thirty-two percent. 

The perfect combination makes it smell and feel like you have a dessert.

You can also search for the best marijuana strains over the internet and buy them online. The above list can help you with selecting the best choice for yourself.

Source url- https://bit.ly/2TXIAHz


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