Top 10 Food And Restaurant Trends Of 2020

Posted by Sarah Jones on March 17th, 2020

A lot of things are going to change in this decade, and people are falling back to traditions. People are taking healthy choices, and they want to eat more healthy foods. This is the primary reason why the top restaurants in Louisville, KY, are making some critical initiatives to provide the best for their customers. Here are the top 10 food and restaurant trends of 2020:

1. Kid's Menus Will Have More Superfoods

If you are taking your children out for different, it is very evident that you will want to order from the kid's menu. But you often decide against it because you do not want your children to fall sick. That is because the kid's menu usually consists of dishes and foods that contain an excess of sugar, carbohydrate, or protein. But in 2020, you will no longer have to go through that issue because you will get superfoods like whole wheat, quinoa, pulses, fresh meat, and various kinds of exotic fruits on the kids' menu.

2. Non-Alcoholic And Fermented Beverages Are In Trend

Since people are trying to get rid of alcoholism and various other types of addictions, they are falling back on drinks that are non-alcoholic or else fermented. Fermented beverages have a certain degree of intoxication to it, but they are made of natural products and are entirely digestible, unlike alcoholic drinks. Restaurants will be extending their non-alcoholic beverages menu for customers who do not find enough beverages without alcohol.

3. Korean Rice Liquor

It is a super drink, also known as Makgeolli or rice wine. It is prepared from rice, and it is not pasteurized to retain its powerful enzymes. It has a sour, bitter, and astringent taste to it, which makes it a trendy drink in Korea. It has several health benefits, and people want more of this drink because it is a communal beverage for special occasions. More restaurants are bringing this liquor in their menu.

4. The Popularity Of Biodynamic Wine

Biodynamic wine is made from grapes that were grown without the help of any chemical pesticides and fertilizers. So when the wine is made, it is entirely pure wine without any form of artificial flavors and toxins. People in most top restaurants in Louisville, KY are demanding for biodynamic wine, and this demand will only grow in 2020.

5. Zero-Waste Management In Restaurant Industry

A lot of food goes to waste every day at a typical restaurant. With the global hunger rates going up, it is becoming more critical to manage this excessive food waste and redistribute it to people and animals that would be able to utilize the wasted food better. Restaurants are opting for strategies where there will be sustainable use of raw materials and lesser food waste.

6. The Popularity Of Pre-Measured Home Meal Kits

Restaurants are providing their customers with a brilliant method to cook food without investing much time, and they can still get restaurant styled food. It is not processed food, but raw materials are chopped and made ready for cooking in proper proportions. Spices and other ingredients are parcelled along with the ready-to-cook raw materials so that the customer can take the home meal kits and cook within minutes to get restaurant-style meals at home.

7. More Options On Takeout And Delivery

Mostly when you think about takeout, it means pizzas and burgers or something that gets filled with cheese, loads of carbohydrates, sauces, and fatty meats. But things are changing in 2020 because more restaurants are expanding their takeout and delivery options. So there will be more amounts of healthier dishes on the takeout and delivery menu.

8. Unique Social Experiences

Restaurants are not only a place for food but also socialization, but it has been noted that nowadays more people are dining alone. The restaurants are trying to tackle the situation by introducing schemes and policies where there will be discounts and special offers when eating with friends and family. Customers in restaurants will also be encouraged to dine along with strangers to socialize.

9. More Locavores

Locavores are people who buy raw materials from locals or eat from places that procure raw materials from local farmers. That is because they want to eat healthily and pesticides and chemical-free fresh food, and they also want to support the local farms more than food processing companies. So more people are going to turn into locavores in 2020.

10. Open-Kitchens

Open-kitchens are becoming a trend because customers want to see how their food gets prepared and what kind of raw materials are being used for the same. As a result, more restaurants are opting for open-kitchens in 2020.

These are the top 10 food and restaurant trends of 2020 that top restaurants in Louisville, KY are adopting. Be sure to visit one of the best restaurants to experience these trends.

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