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clinical effect of stannous fluoride and amine fluoride containing oral hygiene

Posted by yunyingjj09 on March 17th, 2020

This 4-

Randomized controlled trials of the year (RCT)

Aim to investigate daily household use of sncl 2/AmF/NaF

Mouthwash and toothpaste have a preventive effect on oral health. Fifty-

Four subjects were examined every two years.

The basic erosion wear check determines the main end point \"tooth erosion \"(BEWE).

The secondary endpoint is \"Saliva pH\" and \"tooth allergy\" produced by the visual simulation scale \"(VAS)

, And \"discoloration\" measured with Lobene staining Index \"(LSI).

Hybrid model of repeated measurement (MMRM)

Used to analyze the main end point of \"tooth erosion.

Preliminary analysis showed that the intervention effect of sncl 2/AmF/NaF-was significant

Test products (p1u2009=u20090. 0242).

This result is confirmed by two other mqm.

Based on sensitivity analysis.

Comparison of all models showed that the \"tooth erosion\" values in the intervention group were lower than those in the control group.

At all time points, the degree of tooth discoloration in the intervention group was significantly higher than that in the control group.

During the four-year period, there was no significant difference in Saliva pH and dental allergy between the two groups.

In conclusion, this randomized controlled trial is the first to suggest that sncl 2/AmF/NaF-may have a preventive effect

Follow-up tooth erosion including oral hygiene products

Four years of growth.

There is no uniform evidence in the treatment and prevention of tooth erosion-

There are clinical-based guidelines.

Preventive measures are particularly important because there is evidence that teeth that have been eroded and damaged are more vulnerable to acid attacks.

The study of the effect of fluoride in commercial toothpaste on tooth erosion confirmed the effectiveness of fluoride compared to placebo.

However, the protective effect of fluorine on tooth erosion only begins at a higher dose of 1.

25% and fluoride toothpaste may not be enough to prevent tooth erosion.

Organic substances like amino acids and tysin phosphate peptides

Stable amorphous calcium phosphate (CPP-ACP)

Different results are shown in preventing tooth erosion.

Titanium fluoride (TiF)

However, promising results have been provided for a long time

Long-term clinical studies to assess their effectiveness are still lacking.

Repeated use of tin-containing fluoride toothpaste can improve the protection of tooth erosion.

The combination of tin and fluorine showed higher efficacy compared to the use of tin or fluorine alone.

The reaction of Stann tin with hydroxyapatite forms CaF, SnOHPO, SnFPO or Ca (SnF).

Tin ions precipitate into a protective layer on the surface of the tooth and within the obtained enamel film, which is more acid

More resistant than a pure cafe.

On the surface of the corroded tooth, tin is deposited in the glaze near the surface.

In terms of dental allergy, tin-

In addition to other recipes, the inclusion of oral hygiene products also proves the effectiveness.

The clinical effects of tin-containing fluoride products have been demonstrated in various studies and in several months of clinical studies.

For the assessment of the main endpoint \"tooth erosion\", the basic erosion wear check (BEWE)was chosen.

It was developed to monitor and record the severity and progress of erosion of tooth wear in general practice and in education and research.

Secondary endpoint \"tooth allergy\" was recorded using a level 10 visual analog scale \"(VAS)

On this basis, participants were able to record their subjective views.

To the author\'s knowledge, no randomized clinical trials with four-year observation time were observed in the dental literature.

Therefore, according to the PICO format, the purpose of this pilot study is to evaluate the routine use of oral rinse solutions and toothpaste containing Astin, Amine and fluoride (SnCl/AmF/NaF)

In the athlete population, tooth erosion and tooth allergy have a positive effect on oral health.

On the cross before.

The segmented study by our study group showed that endurance athletes were at a higher risk of tooth erosion than the control group.

Assume that SnCl/AmF/NaF-is used at the same time-

The presence of mouthwash solution and toothpaste can lead to changes in the performance of tooth erosion.

The zero hypothesis is SnCl/AmF/NaF-

Mouthwash and toothpaste have no effect on oral health.

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