5 Reasons Why You Need a Water Dispenser at the Office

Posted by Aqua Kent Singapore on March 17th, 2020

Still not sure if you should buy a water dispenser in Singapore for your office? If case you need more convincing, here are five reasons:

1. Stay hydrated at work

When people hear of workplace dehydration, they often think of those who are working under the heat of the sun. Little do they know that office workers are also prone to dehydration. Spending hours in air-conditioned rooms may sound ideal especially in the heat of the summer. But the truth is that the air conditioning absorbs too much moisture. They also make one feel cooler and therefore, not thirsty. If your office doesn't have immediate access to clean drinking water, many of your workers may become dehydrated.

2. Keep your team productive

Dehydration can have a huge impact on the way your employees perform in the workplace. It can make them sleepy and tired at work. In fact, it can also cause headaches, mood swings, and lack of concentration. A well-hydrated team is a productive team. Installing a water dispenser in your office is an effective strategy if you want to help your employees stay productive.

3. Enjoy convenience

This is another big reason why your office needs a hot and cold water dispenser. It saves your employees a lot of time when making coffee or tea as hot water is readily available. Instead of waiting for the water to boil in a kettle, all they need to do is to press the hot water button.

4. Water dispensers are energy efficient

If you do the math on the costs of running a separate water cooler and an electric kettle for boiling hot water, you will realize how much money you could be saving. Not only that—you will also realize how much energy you can save. Hot and cold water dispensers are better alternatives because they are energy efficient. New models are designed to use less energy to heat and cool water. This eco-friendly solution helps your company utilize energy well and save money.

5. Water dispensers are safe and efficient

Newer versions of water dispensers in Singapore are safer and more user-friendly. They have child-safety locks and thermostat protectors to prevent accidents. They are bottleless, which means they provide unlimited hot and water supply to your office. This also means you don't need to go through the hassle of replacing bottles and monitoring inventories.

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