Almond Peel Extract Market In-Depth Analysis & Recent Developments 2019 2027

Posted by pooja paralkar on March 17th, 2020

Consumption of almonds has beneficial effects on blood glucose level with type 2-diabetes. It significantly improves fasting levels of glucose, insulin sensitivity, LDL-cholesterol. When compared to other nuts, almond is particularly rich in fiber which is mainly present in the peel of almond. The natural almond peel which is present in raw almonds and the blanched peel which is a by-product of almond processing industry are equally recognized as useful ingredients in the food industry. The almond peel extract is useful for controlling the oxidative process in food products. Changing lifestyles have led the food industry and researchers to develop functional foods and determine the functional value of traditional foods. As the consumers have turned to processed foods or ready to eat food without compromising food taste and nutritional value.

The rising demand for processed food is creating pressure on the manufacturers to provide food with all possible natural products. Hence, the almond peel extract is expected to grow its demand in the market over the forecast period. Almond peel extract is being considered as potential prebiotics and is anticipated to increase its application in dietary supplements. Almond is widely being used in cosmetics, multiple skin care and personal care products. Therefore the market of almond peel extract is expected to grow in cosmetics and personal care products.

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Almond peel extract is potential prebiotics which modulates the colonic microbiota. They are characterized by gastrointestinal absorption, their resistance to gastric acidity and hydrolysis by mammalian enzymes. Almond peel extract causes selective stimulation of the growth of intestinal bacteria which are associated with well-being and health. Almond peel is polyphenols, which are associated with protective agents which protect against cancer and cardiovascular disease. Almond peel extract contains flavonoids, whose biological effects include anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and mutagenic, anticancer activities.

The polyphenols present in almond peel extract are active components as antimicrobials against few foodborne pathogens. This opens its way to pharmaceutical market after more research studies take place. There is an increase in efforts trying to avoid food with chemical preservatives, the demand for natural and minimally processed ingredients is also attributed to use of almond peel extract in food and dietary supplements.

The manufacturers of almond extract and almond processing industry are expected to enter the market of almond peel extract. The entrance of the key player of almond processing industry into the market of almond peel extract will make the market competitive over the forecast period. Few of the player operating in almond peel extract market are Blue Diamond Growers, Inc., Frontier Co-op., Waitrose & Partners, Dr. Oetker Australia Pty. Ltd.

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Almond Peel Extract Market Opportunities

The almond peel extract is yet in the introductory phase and therefore creating awareness among consumers about its benefits is important. The manufacturers are expected to focus on the creative advertisement of the products manufactured from the almond peel extract. Collaborations with other food companies to introduce new and flavorful recipes that involve use of almond peel extract as one of the ingredient can also help increase almond peel extract demand among consumers. Better technologies and standardization of extraction methods will provide better product yield of almond peel extract and thus would support manufacturers to meet consumers demand. The market of North America is anticipated to be an opportunistic market for almond peel extract due to the highest utilization and production of almonds in this region.  This is likely to create a growth opportunity for the manufactures of almond peel extract to expand their distribution network.

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