Four Great Gift Ideas for a Spring Wedding

Posted by Willow Tree on March 17th, 2020

Spring is in the air, and it’s a popular time for weddings. With flowers blooming and life springing back up after winter, your friends are sure to have a lovely day. What, though, should you get them as a wedding present? There are plenty of options, and the following are great ideas that your friends will love.

Meaningful Sculptures Representing the Couple

Art is a wonderful expression of love. Figurative sculptures that represent the love between the happy couple are a fantastic gift you can give. You might choose a piece with a man holding a woman from behind, the woman reaching behind her to hold the man’s head as they lean into each other, to show the love of the couple. Another option is a girl holding forget-me-nots, a message of a timeless friendship, and a reminder not to forget the love that brought them together—perfect for spring. Choose one that will represent both what your friends mean to you, and what they mean to each other as a couple.

Cake Toppers for Their First Anniversary

Your friends probably already have a cake topper for the wedding, but they probably do not have one for their first anniversary. It’s often a tradition for the couple to keep part of the wedding cake frozen and eat it on their first anniversary of a wedding. Why not think ahead and choose from romantic cake toppers as a gift for the future? Consider a cake topper with a man and woman sitting next to each other, foreheads nearly touching, holding hands, the palms of their other hands pressed together. Carved in the round, it’s perfect for topping a cake that can be viewed from any angle.

Something to Start a Tradition

A wedding is a perfect time to start a new tradition as a new family is created. Giving the newly married couple heirloom-quality nativity figurines can start a tradition of collecting a new piece during holidays. They can watch as the nativity set grows each year as they slowly receive and build up the nativity set, adding a crèche, angels, the wise men, and more. Start simply with the holy family, which can set the tradition in place.

The Magic of Music to Make Memories

Memories can be made from taste, smell, sight, and sound. A music box gifted on a wedding day can bring back fond memories for years to come. Choose a musical that features a rotating base, topped by the figurative sculpture of a couple in a close embrace. The piece plays Pachelbel’s classic “Canon in D Major,” commonly played at weddings. From one side, it looks like the couple is kissing, and from another, they look like they are dancing. Every time the music plays, they will remember their special day.

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