Strategies for Reducing Critical Asset Downtime on the Production Floor

Posted by RDI Technologies on March 17th, 2020

Downtime on the production floor of any manufacturing or industrial business is expensive and frustrating. Limiting downtime is a considerable financial priority for any business. New technology is revolutionizing asset management, making these goals more achievable than ever. A comprehensive downtime reduction strategy should involve a renewed emphasis on training, strong communication, and adopting innovative technology such as vibration analysis equipment.

Communication and Training

For any production process, there are two necessary components: the machinery and the people responsible for it. As downtime is bound to be caused by one of those two elements, it makes sense to consider both when attempting to prevent it. Robust training programs are certainly beneficial, especially when implementing new technology.

The importance of communication also can’t be overstated, especially between technicians and management staff. That means improving communication between members of a team, between teams, between departments, and between the floor and management. Preventing an incident leading to downtime could come down to alerting the right person in time or improving how teams communicate their maintenance requirements.

Comprehensive Predictive Maintenance

Upgrading critical production assets can improve downtime, but without proper management and maintenance, they are just expensive temporary fixes to a problem. A program of predictive maintenance ensures that all current assets can perform at their peak and reduces downtime by planning maintenance ahead rather than reacting to problems. There are issues that regular maintenance simply can’t identify or predict, and to identify them, a business needs advanced vibration analysis technology.

Innovations in Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis sensors are among the most effective asset monitoring and diagnostic tools available. Inefficient, failing, malfunctioning, or misaligned machinery generally produces vibration, displacement, and unnatural movement. This often was not visible to the naked eye—until innovation came along.RDI Technologies’ Iris M™ technology platform powered by Motion Amplification® is a revolutionary multi-industry predictive maintenance tool. The Iris M™ employs proprietary software to turn a video camera into an incredibly effective visual sensor, turning every pixel of the view into a data point that accurately measures motion, and then amplifies it for intuitive visual interpretation.

Non-Contact Asset Diagnostics and Monitoring

The data provided by Motion Amplification® technology facilitates far more effective communication between a business’s technical and non-technical resources. As a downtime reduction solution, RDI Technologies revolutionized the PDM industry with the Iris M™ platform, as it’s an entirely non-contact system. Other vibration analysis monitoring and measurement systems require contact with mechanical assets. Guaranteeing safe placement then often necessitates turning machinery off or shutting down production lines. When it comes to minimizing downtime, a tool that doesn’t require downtime for analysis is understandably gaining popularity in the industry.

About RDI Technologies

RDI Technologies is responsible for revolutionizing the physical and infrastructure asset management space. Their proprietary Motion Amplification® technology turns every pixel in a camera’s view into individual sensors. The result is a technology that measures motion and vibration too subtle for the human eye to see to identify and pinpoint maintenance and operational issues. RDI Technologies video processing software converts the raw data into meaningful visualizations that allow for productive, insightful analysis and communication. Use the intuitive, non-contact vibration monitoring from RDI Technologies to monitor your most critical equipment, and immediately identify problems, their causes, and their solutions.

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