The Best Dishes From The Best Peruvian Restaurant Hollywood

Posted by Shally Warner on March 17th, 2020

Peruvian cuisine comes with a lot of variety and that is so good about Peruvian food. You get to taste all the flavors in one dish and there are so many options to choose from. If you are a vegetarian, there is a lot of option for you and if you are someone who loves red meat and chicken there are a lot of options for you as well. But supposedly you are visiting the best Peruvian Restaurant Hollywood, what are the dishes that you should order. Here is a small list of dishes that you can order:

  1. Causa

Causa is also known as potato casserole is a traditional Quechan dish that is very popular all over Peru and it has been served to Peruvians for over a century. It is mostly made in the Lima style. The dish is a cake roll, a terrine, and a casserole. The mashed potatoes are cooked in the Peruvian style and then added to the oil, spices, lime and aji Amarillo sauce. This is a typical vegetarian dish but if you want it with meat and non- veg ingredients you can ask the chef for special additions to the dish. The chef will add some shredded tuna. Salmon or chicken and add a bit of mayonnaise. There could be other additions like boiled eggs, olives, and avocados. The dish is mostly served cold with a serving of salad in any good Peruvian Restaurant North Miami.

  1. Rocoto Relleno

This dish is Peru’s spiciest dishes and everyone tries it once in a lifetime to savor the adventure. This is a simple dish that is prepared using various spices and it is mainly spicy peppers stuffed with various ingredients. The dish is prepared with aji rocoto chilies which are mostly red. Then the insides are emptied and the hollow is filled with ground beef, garlic, olives, spices, herbs, raisins, and onions. The toppings are queso fresco and then the dish is baked in a custard made of milk and eggs. But before you try out the dish you should know a little extra information about it. The dish is prepared using jalapeno peppers almost ten times hotter than the normal Italian peppers. They are the size of plums and you should try the dish only if you can withstand the intense heat of the peppers.

These are the best dishes you will get in any of the reputed Peruvian Restaurant Hollywood, but make sure you ask for cool drinks to go with them.

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