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Posted by News on March 17th, 2020

17 March 2020:- Mahaguru Kritakritacharya Ji Maharaj on his Twitter social media post informed world on 1st August 2019 itself that “A deadly outbreak of something is coming that will have most effect in Chinese peninsula (Chinese region).” Mahaguru Ji always writes whatever he has been ordered to do from Gods or what is going to happen within few days to few months in future well in advance on his Twitter profile. Mahaguru Ji has been running this world, controlling all democratic elections, natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, storms, rain etc since last 23 years on orders from Gods.

Mahaguru Ji said, “Gods have ordered me to protect world leaders, politicians, heads of states, ministers, important scientists, religious leaders from Coronavirus using divine energies. My team will be connecting with political leaders and governments to help contain the outbreak and save precious life of humans. As most politicians are in the age range which comes in high risk category of getting this infection, its important that they should receive divine protection. “

Mahaguru Ji cleared doubts related to corona and the solutions he will be offering through divine means.

Question:  Who all are going to be protected through divine energies?

Mahaguru Ji:  Gods have ordered me to choose 3000 important people from all over the world who are important for maintaining world order and provide them protection from this deadly virus. On their suggestion, I am going to create two things, one is Vishal Mahavishnu Yantra which will be for general public, other is Narayan Raksha Yantra which will be for these 3000 people.

Question:  Why two different solutions?

Mahaguru Ji : I do not decide how Gods want to run this world. I only follow what they ask me to do. Saving leaders is more important in order to control chaos and anarchy. Leaders can be political, military or religious.

Question : What is Vishal Mahavishnu Yantra?

Mahaguru Ji: This is a yantra which is created for specific purpose using divine energies. Lord himself resides in this yantra and it has powers to give everything related to the purpose for which it is created. So keeping this yantra in your prayer room will protect your entire family till last moment, depending on your Karma and your devotion to Lord. Yantras will protect you upto 99% from infection and then from becoming a casualty.

Question : What is Narayan Rakshak Yantra?

Mahaguru Ji : Narayan Rakshak Yantra is yantra for politicians, military leaders and religious leaders. This is created with divine energies and is an amulet. It needs to be worn by the person at all times, and this can change colour if it becomes ineffective, as Gods have told me. One Narayan Rakshak Yantra is for a single person, and offers protection for 3 months. Divine energies will bring about any required change to save the person wearing this yantra. This yantra will save even people around the wearer if it is required for protection of the wearer. This has 100% guarantee of protection and only 3000 such yantras will be created. A devotee can become a casualty of this pandemic even after wearing this yantra only in one case, if Gods find him to be a hindrance in some important event in future.

Question : Will these yantras prevent infection?

Mahaguru Ji: Yantras are collection of divine energies and are created for specific purpose. At first, they will try to prevent infection, but in rare case that the person becomes infected, then yantras will attempt to protect the person from becoming a casualty of the virus. Narayan Rakshak yantra will cast energies to protect the person at any cost unless he is going to cause some issues in future.

Question : What is your advice to general public?

Mahaguru Ji : First and foremost, people should listen to their governments. On orders of Gods, I control everything, so whatever is needed will be done to protect all of us. Do not panic. During lockdowns, you have got a lot of time, instead of spending it on watching videos, spend it praying to the Gods for general wellbeing of all of the humanity, in whichever God you believe.

Question : How can people get these yantras?

Mahaguru Ji : Vishal Mahavishnu Yantra is available on request on website for general public. It can be requested by anyone from anywhere in the world. As there is a limit on how many yantras can be made, people need to fill up the form and then Gods will guide who gets it. Narayan Rakshak Yantra is only available for leaders after they have agreed to terms of Gods. For Narayan Rakshak Yantra, leaders will get call from my team or they can connect with us on given numbers.

Question : Why only 3000 world leaders are going to be chosen?

Mahaguru Ji : That’s what Lord has asked me to do. I do not and I cannot question why they suggest a particular number. All leaders irrespective of their religion or country can get the Narayan Rakshak Yantra from our organization.

Question : What will be fate of Coronavirus?

Mahaguru Ji : As per what Gods have shown me till now, Coronavirus is going to stay. But people who believe in Gods don’t have to panic. Gods are certainly angry with all of us, but not to the extent that they will exterminate entire humanity. People are surviving and people can survive this virus. So there is nothing to panic. Just follow advisories issues by your governments.

Question : Any other information that people or governments should know?

Mahaguru Ji:  When first few cases of Coronavirus were detected in China, I told about its characteristics at that time. Here, I will give same info again which Gods have told me:

  1.      Even after people test negative and are suspected, they should keep themselves in self quarantine of 14-29 days.
  2.      Quarantine should be of 29 days duration
  3.      Even after discharge, people should go into self-quarantine of 14-29 days.
  4.      Isolation is the key

Mahaguru Ji helps politicians win elections, form governments and he can help governments control any endemic, epidemic, stop or reduce influence of natural calamities like storms, hurricanes, cyclones, forewarn about upcoming earthquakes and solve major problems like drought or floods.

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