Pinheiro Cobaltumís Releases New Study on The Future of Mining Industry

Posted by Donald Hood on March 17th, 2020

1888PressRelease - The firm is looking forward to actively contribute to the evolution of the mining industry.

Pinheiro Cobaltum (ISIN: BREBTPACNER4), an innovative and asset diversified cobalt extraction company focused on delivering growth, cash generation and stakeholder rewards, implementing a unique investment and development strategy, today announced the results of a market study regarding the challenges that the mining industry is facing and how will it change in the near future.

Pinheiro Cobaltum, as an Alpha mine operator in South America, is part of an ancient global industry with origins that date back to the foundations of civilization, impacting many major economies throughout history. Nowadays, mining industry faces many significant challenges. In mining, like in any other industry with big challenges to future growth, change is being driven by innovations and technology.

Pinheiro Cobaltum is ready to propose several paths of possible mining process evolution that it has found during its mining industry study:
Mining Digitalization - Digitalization is the stimulant that helps mining operations become “smarter” by leveraging processes and digital tools that make operations instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. Every mining operation requires numerous vital decisions every day. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology offers decision-making and problem-solving support based on massive amounts of data from numerous mining and work equipment, as well as databases.

Mining tools and technology: Robots and machines - While digital transformation focuses mainly on making mines smarter, new technologies and tools on the hardware, transportation, and equipment side bring unprecedented brains and brawn to all major operations. Best of all, these new technologies can connect seamlessly with digital transformation efforts, unifying data analytics, AI, and machine learning with a smart mine’s integrated systems.

Sustainability and environmentalism will drive future trends - Fortunately, many of the mentioned new technological discoveries reduce fuel consumption, waste, emissions, and water use in mining operations. Moving forward, the charge will be on mining operations to change their entire business model and adhere to the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Today’s shift toward CSR sets the start point for concepts like “zero-waste mining” or “green mines” to become an increasingly popular trend. The main goal of “green mining” is to reduce the environmental impact of mineral and metal extraction and processing, with a focus on new technologies, smarter mining operations and processes, and sustainability best practices. The good news for mining companies is that “Going green” will have a big positive impact. Overall, new technologies and digital transformation offer mining companies great opportunities to become more efficient, boost production, and cut costs while making the work environment safer.

About Pinheiro Cobaltum (ISIN: BREBTPACNER4)
Pinheiro Cobaltum is an innovative and asset diversified cobalt extraction company focused on delivering growth, cash generation and stakeholder rewards. The firm’s profitability depends on its proven ability to develop and operate its existing and future properties on a competitive, cost effective basis. Pinheiro Cobaltum recognizes the importance of a safe and healthy work environment and is actively developing and implementing procedures, practices, training, and audit protocols across its operations to ensure the highest standards for its activities.

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