How To Choose The Right Dog Clippers For Your Furry Friend

Posted by Brenda Ana on March 17th, 2020

If you’re considering buying or adopting a pet, for yourself or for your children, you should firstly do some proper research about what taking care of a pet really means. There are a lot to think about when choosing the right pet, such as what kind of animal would best suite your family, house and life style and what does it need to be happy. For instance, if you would choose a small animal, such as a rabbit or a guinea pig, you should know the difference between timothy hay and other varieties of feed options. But besides the food, animals also need grooming, so it would be wise of you if you were going with a dog, to know which are the best dog clippers on the market and how to use them.

What Is Timothy Hay and Why Choose It?

 Timothy hay  is a type of grassy feed usually used for cattle. It differs from other types of feed because it is low on protein and high on fiber content. Its hollow stem makes it easier to pack into bundles, which can come in handy when dealing with small spaces. This type of hay is used in the diet of small animals too, such as gerbils, rabbits and guinea pigs. Because of its high fiber content, it is an invaluable resource for the health of their digestive systems.

If your dream is to own a guinea pig as a pet, then you should start hitting the pet stores for some advice about the habitat they need. Also, you should consider timothy hay as an integral part of their diet. You can find the stuff in most pet stores in neat little bags, perfectly portioned for your little furry friend. Also, you can find different mixes of the hay, containing different types of grass and some even infused with vitamin and mineral supplements.

Hay is very important in the diet of your guinea pig or rabbit. Besides being a nutritious option for them to munch on, it helps them keep their teeth sharp and their coats shiny. But before going out to find the biggest hay bale you can and bringing it home, you should check with your vet or your pet store assistant to make sure what your little friend really needs.

How to Choose the Best Dog Clippers on the Market?

Grooming a dog, especially a big one with lots of energy and long hair, can be difficult at times. A lot of effort goes into keeping his coat a nice length. That is why grooming should always be done by professional groomers, especially if you don’t have experience in owning a dog. But if you think you want to try your hand at grooming your four legged friend, you should firstly do some research on  dog clippers  and find out which are the best out there.

Dog clippers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and with a number of accessories. You have your mobile head clippers, your fixed head ones, your wireless ones, your travel clippers, your light weight clippers and many more. They also come with a number of accessories such as the ones for the right and left ear, the one for the tail, storage cases, length spacing grills and so on and so forth.

Choosing the right clippers for your dog can be difficult and that’s when and why some people will decide to try grooming their dogs with their own clippers. There are a few wrong things about doing that. First of all, using the same clippers you use on your dog could lead to skin diseases and that could mean a lot of expensive treatment. Not to mention the fact that using the blades of a human clipper on a dog could ruin them. Secondly, the clippers used for dogs are specially designed with special blades in order to be able to cut the long, thick hair of the undercoat.

Trying to take care of your best friend can sometimes be hard, but they deserve all the effort in the world. Just take your time, don’t make any rash decisions and do your research before buying anything. There are a lot of brands and models, with a lot of features to choose from out there, so there’s no need to buy the first one you see. The best thing you can do is ask your vet for any suggestions or advice or even the pet shop assistant about what they would recommend for your tail wagging friend.

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