How to Choose a Trade Show Exhibit Builder [10 Questions]

Posted by Amos Fred on March 17th, 2020

First impressions are everything. Well, not everything. But they do count for a lot, the HuffPost says. If your trade show exhibit design is not attracting your customers, it may be time to invest in a new one. The first thing to do is to get a professional exhibit builder to help you.

But, before you begin your search, here are ten questions to ask.

Who is My Target Market?

Do you have a firm idea of who your target audience is? Find out, the Entrepreneur says. This may seem basic to you, but sometimes businesses don’t have the right market in mind. If that’s been happening to you, that could explain your lackluster sales and conversion rates. Also, knowing who your target is will help you figure out which builders are right for you.

Which Companies Dominate the Field?

Once you have a target audience in mind, research about the companies that provide for the display needs of your competitors in the industry, that gives you a lot of names and companies to explore. Check out their backgrounds and track records to find out if which one is worth your time and money.

How Much Experience Does It Have?

Consider the years that the firm has worked in the industry. Is that experience relevant to your field or industry? An exhibit provider that has worked for companies in your industry will know what you need and will deliver better results.

What Services Does It Offer?

Before you pick a display builder, take a look at all the services that the company offers. Do you need more than one of those services? Hiring the same firm to handle multiple tasks is much more convenient for you.

What Materials Will Be Used?

You don’t want a company that cuts corners. If the firm suggests opting for substandard quality materials, look elsewhere. Find a builder that knows the importance of quality materials to ensure durable, long-term results.

Is the Firm Licensed?

Before you move any further with your hiring decision, make sure the firm is licensed to provide those services, and has qualified staff to build the displays you need. If the firm can’t show any such qualifications, move on to other options on your hiring list.

Do They Offer Custom Options?

Custom options ensure that your displays are tailored to your market’s needs and interests. That will improve engagement and conversion rates for your business. With the right display, you can see a marked increase in your sales or ROI.

Is the Quality Excellent?

Displays aren’t going to help if they’re boring, outdated, and not well-made. That’s why you need pros to help you. Find a display builder to come up with a display that will capture the buying interest of your target market.

What Can You Expect?

When you work together with a display provider, ask the firm about the services that you can expect. Draw up a contract. Be clear about the work that’s covered by the quote. Asking questions now and clarifying those details will prevent any misunderstandings later.

How Long Will the Work Take?
Don’t forget to ask the company how long the work will take. That will help you plan your project timeline.

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