Top 4 Apocalyptic Games to play when you have Fast Internet!

Posted by Sage Houston on March 17th, 2020

If you’re into bloodshed, frenzied, rowdy and apocalyptic games that are filled with action, you just clicked the right link! Congratulations, mate.

While some might wince and recoil at the recollection of bloody gore images and a dreadful feeling of an ending world, some of us gamers just know how gratifying it can get as we switch ourselves into the world of games. That current which tingles through our spines can never be compared to anything else. However, it is highly dependent on what sort of internet we have. One little connection error and boom we are dead as a wooden log. My choice is reasonable yet a fast speed ISP. AT&T internet speed is to die for and I would advise you to get it to play these game seamlessly;

1.      Far Cry 5

Yes, so far all its parts are just as awesome and amazing but I have a feeling this one would be more than just that. This one would be the ultimate mind blower and uh-aaa-summm!!

If you have no idea then just know that Far Cry 5 is a first-person shooter game like no other. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, this game tells the story of a man who thinks he has to save the mankind by actually killing them. The game is about a cult fulfilling its sacrificial rites. You? You’d be the one to save those innocent people from getting killed. A cool feature is that of a dog who’d stay by your side and act as your protector and weapon throughout.

2.      Vampyr

If you ever wanted to be a doctor but couldn’t be one because well – you know…grades and money wasn’t on your side – here’s your chance. You get to be the doctor who has to save an entire town in London from becoming vampires. The people have been infected and it’s only you who can find a cure and be the savior! Can you do it? Can you handle the pressure?  You won’t just be fighting vampire but also be deciding the fate of many citizens who depend on you. Well; best of luck, mate!

3.      Ori and the Will of Wisps

If you’re into exotic sceneries, this is the one for you!! After much success of the part I, i.e. Ori and the Blind Forest, this game is coming back for us. In this part, Ori won’t just be on a conquest to find out his true destiny but also come across a lot of painful incidents in the most serene and beautiful of sceneries. But, hey, no one ever said that beauty always came with happiness tucked to its belt.

4.      Skull & Bones

Who doesn’t love pirates and a good fight? I know I do!!

This tactical action game has been set in an open world environment played with a third-person perspective. The players can either choose an independent and individual take off or be the pirate cum captain of a fleet of ships. The realistic graphics of this game are worth wasting our energies on.

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