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Posted by Ambroise Pierre on March 18th, 2020

As a very important role in World of Warcraft, Sargeras was the founder and first generation leader of the Burning Legion. The most powerful warrior of the great Pantheon, the defender of the Pantheon, and the mentor of the Avenger Agrammar. Sargeras once had unwavering conviction and noble qualities. Entrusted by the Pantheon, he went to the depths of the distorted void alone to hunt down demons. He had vowed to wipe out all demons in the universe.

Sargeras has the unparalleled strength and courage of the Pantheon. He holds the great sword Goslach, and various powerful demons are defeated and destroyed under the sword of Sargeras; and he loots the soul and Buy WOW Classic Gold. Even the soul of the world, corrupted by the ancient gods, was divided into two under the sword of Sargeras. After witnessing the countless atrocities of the demon and gaining insight into the horrific plan of the Lord of the Void, the former noble guardian of the Pantheon fell into madness.

After the fall, Sargeras took control of the evil power, and used this power to easily defeat the Pantheon, leading countless demons to start the burning expedition.

In the end, the Legion of Light assisted Azeroth's heroes to jointly attack the Antorus Burning Throne, destroying the Burning Legion's central command system. With the help of the Titans, they purified the soul of Argus, and imprisoned Sargeras forever with the Pantheon gods. The demon legion that destroyed everything was finally defeated, and the burning expedition was over. If players who lack Warcraft Gold are welcome to click MMOWTS to buy cheap Warcraft Gold, it can help you grow quickly in the game!

Sargeras is arguably one of the most successful characters ever created by World of Warcraft, but his abilities were previously exaggerated into invincibility, so it can be said that he did not join him in the Antorus boss battle because of this consideration. . But aside from all this, what Sargeras can do can be understood as curvy salvation. All the Titans are afraid before facing the powerful power of the distorted void, but only he dares to challenge. After all, Sargeras is fighting too much with the Twisting Nether so much that he knows the other's means, and in the end he can only choose to destroy all this path. From this point of view, Sargeras has more charisma than his villains.

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