Trends In Bakery For The Year 2020

Posted by Diksha Sharma on March 18th, 2020

Although consumers still seek nostalgic and familiar flavors they now flavors that appeal to their adventurous side as well. Moreover, seeing diet-conscious consumers, many brands are improving the nutritional profile of their products by reducing the amount of added sugar and salt or adding proteins and fiber thus changing the way to satisfy consumers.

So here are some trends in the bakery we all will see in 2020:

The trend of plant and floral based flavours

Interest in healthier eating has spurred on the consumption of plant and floral based flavours such as hibiscus, rosemary, acai, lavender, rosemary, chamomile, among many others. These flavours are developed by various brands, and consumers mostly use them with fruity flavours like mixed fruit flavour, mango, orange, pineapple, etc. 

 Make it a classic

When it comes to bakery looks matter. Yes, you heard it right. The first impression formed about a product is usually based on visual appeal. We all love baking our cakes and cookies with bold and vibrant colours and seeing the importance of natural colours brands like IFF have introduced a range named Bush Natural Colours with colours like yellow, green, orange, and red. One just needs to simply mix these colours in the batter, and the food is good to go.

Twist it with citrus flavours

The time has gone of overly sugary cakes laden with a sickening amount of icing. People now are more on bread and now don't want something to be too sugary for sure. We know baking is all about sweet, but a twist of citrus flavours or sour cream icing can do the trick. Try to keep the balance and avoid too sugary flavours and frostings. Like mixing butterscotch flavour with orange flavour.

Do everything, but be transparent.

Consumers nowadays are very alert- what they eat, what ingredients are used to make the product, sugar ratio, fat ratio, and much more. 2020 is the year of transparency. The brands which will make sure to use the right ingredients and mention it and explain it to consumers will eventually win the race. Don't use anything that you think your target audience will not approve of. Do experiments but use the right technique and ingredients.


It's not just about adding one flavour. There should be more hybrid flavours and infusion with the traditional bakery product to give it a modern classic touch, for instance, flavors can be infused using different types of tea, coffee, chocolates, herbs, flowers, and much more.

Millennials today always want to explore something new, and that is why consumers now always want something unique, old-new, and maybe weird sometimes. The brands should keep themselves updated with the latest trends to survive and win in the market.

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