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Posted by MarieDLatta on March 18th, 2020

Guitar Wall Hanger Mounting Tips

• When placing or mounting your guitar wall hanger, you should always find the stud behind the wall, even if you think your wall board is sturdy enough to hold your guitar, don’t take your chances. Having screwed your guitar wall mount to these wall studs can make it even sturdier and solid.

• Temperature inside the room where you place your guitar wall mount to hang your guitar is very essential, as humidity can cause a great deal of damage to your guitar while suspended or hanging on guitar wall hanger. The constant changes in humidity inside the room can cause stress on your guitar, as it is mostly made of wood materials. These wood materials can get damp or wet because of changes in humidity and when this happens, the wood can get soft and would easily warp or bend. In contrast, very low humidity is also bad for your guitar, as the guitar gets very dry and eventually breaks or cracks, weakening the whole structure.

• Heat exposure can likewise damage your guitar while hanging on a guitar wall mount. Be conscious of heat in the form of sunlight and high voltage lights and appliances. Make sure that when choosing the location to hang your guitar, direct sunlight should not hit the instrument during daytime. Moreover, you should not place or hang your guitar near high voltage lights and appliances as these produce a lot of heat that can easily damage your precious guitar.

• Ensure that you place your guitar wall hanger on interior walls or partitions. Do not place it on the perimeter wall of your home, as the temperature on these walls are very hard or difficult to control, especially during the changing of seasons.

• Place your guitar wall hanger in an elevation where people won’t be able to bump or hit it. Likewise, high enough for little kids won’t be able to reach it. And use a reliable or quality guitar wall mount while you’re at it.

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