Propyl Gallate Market Food and Beverages Industries have Emerged Growth

Posted by Amy on March 18th, 2020

Propyl Gallate Market Outlook

Propyl gallate is an ester which is formed by the condensation of propanol and gallic acid. Propanol is a primary alcohol that is formed naturally in small amounts during the various fermentation process. Gallic acid is derived from witch hazel, sumac, tea leaves, gallnuts and other plants. Propyl gallate has been used as a food additive and is added to foods containing fats and oils, it acts as an antioxidant to protect against oxidation caused by free oxygen radicals and hydrogen peroxide. Propyl gallate as a food additive is found in various food products such as meat products, soup mixes, chewing gum, mayonnaise, microwaveable popcorn, and other frozen and processed foods.  Propyl gallate is used in packaging material and also used in some lubricants and adhesives. As an antioxidant propyl gallate is widely being used in cosmetic, in products such as bath products, skin care products, skin cleansing products, makeup products, sunscreen, lotion and various others. Therefore the demand of propyl gallate is anticipated to significantly increase in cosmetics over the forecast period.

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Increasing Use of Cosmetics Is Expected to Propel the Market of Propyl Gallate

Propyl gallate is used to stabilize oils, perfumes, vitamins, and fats used in personal care products, skin care products, cosmetics and all other products which readily undergo oxidation. Oxidation in products usually occurs due to the presence of excess heat, light, moisture and oxygen producing microorganisms. Propyl gallate is found to prevent or reduce deterioration of personal care products, skin care products, and cosmetics, which are caused by chemical reaction with oxygen. Generally, deterioration is caused by accumulation or generation of free radicals which is widely inhibited by propyl gallate. It is also used as triplet state quencher. The propyl gallate is also used in fluorescence microscopy as an anti-fade reagent as it helps in reducing photobleaching of fluorescent probes. All these factors are driving the adoption of propyl gallate and thereby propelling the growth of the market. According to FDA, the propyl gallate is generally recognized as safe for human consumption. The growing market of processed and convenience food in the food industry in various less developed countries across the globe is fueling the growth of the market. In the Europe market, various stringent regulations and concerns for genetically modified products are hampering the growth of propyl gallate in the market. Changing preference for food additives among consumers due to rising concerns in food safety and side effects is decreasing the use of artificial additives in food and beverages industry. Propyl gallate is also expected to increase the shelf life of the product as it inhibits the growth of microorganisms in the product.

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Propyl gallate Market: Key Players

The key market players operating in propyl gallate market are Merck & Co. Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific,    Leshan Sanjiang Bio-tech Co. Ltd., Tianxin Medical & Chemical and Hunan Linong Technology Co., Ltd.

Propyl gallate Market Opportunities

Propyl gallate is an oil-soluble antioxidant that can prevent or delay food oxidation. Therefore the manufacturers are expected to raise the demand of propyl gallate in market. It is also a food additive to improve stability and extend the storage period. As a result, propyl gallate can be used for oil, fried foods, instant noodles, dried fish products, and others. Manufacturers of propyl gallate are focusing on developing new product by adding few nutrients to it. The manufacturers are also focused on promoting the product through various marketing strategies. The Asia Pacific region is expected to have a larger share in the market of propyl gallate. Various manufacturers such as Tianxin Medical&Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., Leshan Sanjiang Biotech Co., Ltd., Hunan Linong Technology Co., Ltd. and others are based in this region. The growing number of population, rising disposable incomes and increasing demand for processed food are expected to fuel the market of propyl gallate in this region.

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