Allied The Right App Development Company Yet?

Posted by Apparrant Technologyies on March 18th, 2020

Allied The Right App Development Company Yet?

When you hear the name of Application Development, does the only thought that comes to your mind include coding, programming, and designing? Wrong! It is a lot more than that. Have you ever wondered why every second organization these days has a separate app development department or hires an app development company to create an application for their product? Questions like these will keep popping up in your head and make you want to join hands with an app development company yourself. But before you take a step in this direction, it is imperative to get the answers to these questions and understand the why, how and what revolving around app development companies. Let’s have a look:

Why do you need an App Development Company?

Application development companies set up mobile and website apps to give the customers a gamut of options with the ease of sitting at homes, having only the internet connection as a sole resource. Every growing corporation these days requires an app development company, be it of any type, size, domain or industry. Why? There are several reasons such as simplifying the functionality, increasing the user base and outreach, improving accessibility, giving a customized & personalized experience and developing the vitality of the business. Now, these targets cannot be achieved by in-house resources only due to time, space, resource, and budgetary parameters. So, you need to shortlist and hire the right app development company to do the needful for you.

How to search for an App Development Company?

If you have embarked on the journey to look for a suitable app development company, there are a few key points that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Google it, just like everything else in the world
  2. Use your work network/ professional connections
  3. Do not overlook the potential of social media
  4. Peruse dedicated websites to contact the experts
  5. Visit relevant firms and take product demonstrations

What to expect from the right App Development Company?

Mentioned below are 7 important points that you need to keep in mind while hitting the market to explore and ally an App Development Company:

  1. Has In-Depth Understanding of Your App Requirements

    Before you shortlist the top app development companies to pursue, the first step is to make sure that their goals align with your requirements. Before making a move, it is suggested that you read and get an insight into their organization, its procedures, and product delivery parameters. Besides, you should also set your expectations right in the beginning itself so that they know what you expect and there is no scope of confusion or disappointments later. So, try to develop a mutual understanding from the start.

  2. Keeps Size of the Company in Mind

    Company size is a very important factor to put forth when you are planning to join hands with another organization. If the other party is too small to fulfill your requirements, chances are that you might get delayed, incomplete or wrong deliveries. Similarly, if your firm has a huge employee base, then the numbers are hard to meet for the third-party service provider, i.e., the app development company. Moreover, the budget might exceed given the count of the workforce is so high. Thus, it is advisable to exchange this information at an initial stage of collaboration.

  3. Doesn’t Have a Bad Name in the Market

    There are several blacklisted companies, imposters and fraudulent names out there which unabashedly claim to be genuine and make false commitments. So, you need to thoroughly look at the past assignments and projects of the app development company, read reviews or contact their previous customers for feedback. It is extremely necessary to validate the previous track record and performance of the other party before allying them. Performing quick and casual background verification is a must otherwise you may end up in troublesome situations with adverse effects or even legal consequences.

  4. Practices In-Time and Accurate Delivery

    When you start the hunt for business collaborations, your mailbox will be flooded with companies promising to offer you everything that you want. Can it be true, obviously not! You have to do your homework and research about the norms and policies of every organization that knock your door or the ones you send an invite to. This is just to ensure the timely and correct delivery of assignments that you have allotted. It is better to sign a bond/ agreement with the working guidelines and time constraints properly explained.

  5. Is Affordable yet High On Quality

    How can one estimate an investment without considering the cost-effectiveness of the deal? There is no doubt that every app development company has a predefined cost that they charge for their work. Now, it is imperative for their rates to match with your budget so that an association between the two of you can be feasible. Having said that, you do not need to compromise the quality parameter when deciding the final prices you can offer for the service. Thus, cost and quality must go hand in hand. Whatever amount you are spending must be totally worth the application they develop for you.

  6. Follows the 6 steps of Application Development

    Nowadays, with the alarming rate at which Software Engineers are produced, it is dangerous to call everyone a Developer. Almost every second engineering graduate gets up and claims to have the competence for becoming an Application Developer. This situation is extremely misleading. Now even as a buyer, you need to check if the developers know how to do their job. Broadly speaking, there are six basic stages of Application Development namely:

    1. Planning
    2. Analysis
    3. Design & Development
    4. Implementation
    5. Testing & Deployment
    6. Maintenance

    Make sure the App Development Company you join hands with, has skilled application developers who at least follow these 6 primary steps.

  7. Provides Technical Assistance in Future

    “The creator knows his product the best.” So, you must ensure that around-the-clock technical assistance and incessant support is provided by the App Development Company after you have received the product. Else, there is no point spending lakhs on a third-party if you aren’t able to troubleshoot the future errors/ issues. Hence, make sure they agree to post-delivery product service, support, and assistance.

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