Hardware polishing tips and operations

Posted by sere on March 18th, 2020

Hardware polishing tips

Do not use the finest whetstone, sandpaper, and polishing paste for metal polishing at the beginning, because you cannot throw away the rough lines. The live surface polished in that way looks very bright, but the rough lines appear as soon as the side is illuminated. Therefore, it is necessary to first grind from coarse whetstone, sandpaper or abrasive polishing paste, then change to a finer oilstone, sandpaper or abrasive polishing paste, and finally use a finer abrasive polishing paste for polishing. It seems to be troublesome and has many processes. In fact, it is not slow. One process after another, the rough processing lines in the front are polished off, and then the following steps are performed without rework. One step can make the finish of the hardware mold meet the requirements.

How to operate hardware polishing

Hardware polishing generally uses rough whetstone to rough grind the surface of the cavity of the machined mold, grind to remove the cutting marks of the machine tool, and then use fine whetstone to remove the rough whetstone to the mark. The surface polished by the fine oil stone is then polished, and finally the polishing cavity or the polishing paste is used to finally polish the surface of the cavity of the mold, and finally the mirror-like effect is achieved. This is the general process of polishing hardware. Of course, if possible, you can use an ultrasonic polisher to polish hardware products, which is more efficient. People are also more energy-efficient.

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