Breast Reduction through Lipoescultura Is Not For Women

Posted by vijayvinson on September 1st, 2012

Ginecomastia is a condition that can affect any male and it is quite common. When it comes to gynecomastia, lipoescultura or liposuction differs in each case because the process is unique and it is evaluated on the basis of the individual’s circumstances. There are different types of gynecomastia breasts and while some are minimal with puffy nipples, others can be a significant C cup or D cup breast size. For patients suffering from mild to moderate gynecomastia minimally invasive procedure like liposculpture would be recommended since these are characterized with less recovery time and no scarring.

On hearing the words ‘breast reduction’ one invariably conjures up images of a woman who has been endowed with huge breasts. However this is not always the case and women aren’t the only clientele for lipoescultura procedures. Liposculpture and liposuction is becoming a more and more common procedure undertaken by men with ginecomastia because it helps them get rid of their embarrassing male breasts which are also known as ‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’. As per statistics, about 40% of all men experience unwanted swelling in their breast area owing to accumulated fats.

In most of the ginecomastia cases, the male just has to watch over his diet and engage in a significant amount of exercise in order to eradicate his enlarged breasts but this doesn’t work in all cases unfortunately. A man can be extremely fit and healthy and still have minor male breasts due to traces of fats found in his chest because of genetic factors. It is with the intention of handling these cases that the lipoescultura procedures are called for. Of course one can go for another method of doing this, i.e. by traditional breast reduction surgery, however it isn’t very popular.

The reason why it is a bad idea to go for a traditional breast reduction surgery for treating ginecomastia is because it is a highly invasive process since it calls for slicing off of large sections of breast tissues and skin. Moreover, the recovery time of this process isn’t as little as that of lipoescultura and there are also much more chances of ending up with prominent and embarrassing scars. Therefore a majority of the male patients prefer to stick to liposculpture for getting rid of their male breasts the easy and less painful way so that they can regain their self esteem without losing much.

In order to learn more about lipoescultura for ginecomastia it would be advisable to schedule a consultation session with an efficient and board certified plastic surgeon in one’s locality. Most of the surgeons offer at least one free consultation session to their prospective clients therefore you won’t have to pay for it. One should jot down the specific questions that one have in mind and ask the surgeon once one gets to meet him/her face to face. Generally there are no huge risks associated with liposculpture surgery and so it can be recommended to anyone and everyone.

Ginecomastia isn’t hard to diagnose or treat. Even though it may not be extremely harmful but this condition can definitely be classified as a cosmetic concern. Moreover, it robs male individuals of being comfortable in their own skins and hence they are ashamed to take their shirts off in public, say at the beach. Generally, lipoescultura surgeries aren’t covered by insurance plans because these are optional cosmetic surgeries. But one doesn’t really need insurance for undergoing this surgery because when done by an expert and experienced doctor, the process is bereft of side effects or dangers.

One of the gifts of technological advancement to mankind is that of lipoescultura which is popular owing to its many advantages. Over the years it has been found to be effective in treating ginecomastia as well in a painless manner.

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