What you need to know about hotel Pool Etiquette

Posted by rima chauhan on March 18th, 2020

Swimming pools in hotels are the place where many travellers spend a significant part of their waking and napping hours while they are on a vacation. It is also often the place where you go to enjoy some peace and quiet, interspersed with occasional dips in the water. However, what is ideally supposed to be an escape to tranquillity, can often be ruined by fellow guests, which, in all likelihood, you have experienced, sometime or the other. The following are some of the etiquettes that should be maintained, whether you are visiting a megaresort with multiple pools or a boutique property with a single pool that children and grown-ups are likely to share:

  1. Don’t claim chairs if you are not there: hospitality consultants suggest never to claim a lounge chair if you are not about to use it immediately. So avoid putting down a towel, a bag or a magazine, and then running off for breakfast or lunch.
  2. Keep calls quick and quiet: talking on the phone is fine, but you should not scream, share confidential information or say something hurtful or offensive. If you are expecting an hour-long conversation, make sure you head off to a quiet place so that other guests are not disturbed.
  3. Drink with caution: most resorts and hotel accommodation in Dubai allow indulgence in alcoholic beverages by the pool-side, and needless to say, travellers make the most of it. Some hotels even have poolside or swim-up bars; however, the mantra is to drink responsibly, especially since hot days and excessive alcohol might be a tricky combination. Stay hydrated with water and have some food, to avoid imbibing on an empty stomach. Also if it’s a family resort, you should be mindful of your surroundings, as what might be appropriate in an adults-only pool may look improper when young ones are around.
  4. Mind your music: irrespective of whether the pool has a live DJ, or a softly playing soundtrack, or no tunes at all, personal music should be limited to your ears only, so it is recommended that you use headphones if you want to listen to music by the poolside. Parents should take care that cartoons played in iPads and mobile devices are not too loud.
  5. Save your towels: most resorts will be glad to refresh your towels as often as you like, but it is not environmental-friendly to grab a new towel every time you cool off in the pool. Just as you wouldn’t have the hotel change your sheets daily, try to use a towel for a long time, unless it is soaking wet, of course. Inform the pool boy not to change it, and that you plan to use ti all day.

Basically, the most of the hotel pool guidelines boil down to just common sense, to be considerate towards your fellow guests. Also, keep in mind the kind of vacation you are looking forward to, when it comes to the selection of hotels with nice pools.

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