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The mobile game industry is consistently growing and the market for the same seems to have no down slope so soon. Since Smart Phone is not only a source of utility these days, but it has already become a source of entertainment, mobile game development is a hot topic in the business world. Therefore, a huge number of entrepreneurs are indulged in game development and eventually there are plenty of game development platforms that have been created so far. Even if having so many platforms is quite advantageous, it also comes with the disadvantage of confusion while selecting a platform. Now, let us discuss a few of the best platforms for mobile game development so that you get a clearer idea of this spectrum. 

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List of Excellent Game Development Platforms/Tools: 


In our list of the best ranked mobile game development platforms, Unity Technology stands out first. This is a destination platform for game development, which allows you to develop your own mobile game by implementing inbuilt 2D and 3D features. Unity does not limit the game development to any extent as it allows you to import features and functions from third-party 3D applications such as Maya, Blender, etc. If in case you are new at game development, you need not worry because Unity here offers you the beginner’s tutorials. It supports platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen OS, Fire OS, etc. These convenient functions and features of Unity has proven to be preferred by the users, that is why, Unity is the most popular mobile game development platform, globally. The pricing quotient of Unity is free for personal use, for plus edition, 5 for Pro Edition. 

2.Unreal Engine: 

Unreal Engine is certainly a suitable platform for not so pro, beginner game developers because this platform needs no coding knowledge. It has pretty user-friendly features that allow you to make changes in the game without needing to rearrange the code. It offers alluring 3D visual graphics and offers the ability to test the game performance on the development platform itself. It supports devices like Windows, Sony Play Station 4, Xbox One, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, VR Platforms, Linux, SteamOS, HTML5, etc. Since it is compatible with many platforms and offers user-friendly access, it is chosen by many but unfortunately, this platform is not totally free. It is free of cost for the smaller projects, for the projects over 00 dollars; the developer pays 5% of royalty to Unreal Engine. 


SpriteKit is the game development engine launched by Apple. Since being Apple’s own game development platform, it allows Swift and objective-C language programming. It only allows 2D game development but it definitely offers the developers to develop games under high-performance 2D titles. If you need to develop an iOS game then this is the platform you shall go for. Since it is supported by Apple, you need not download any supporting libraries and it still remains 100% legitimate for iOS game development. 

It only supports the iOS platform as it was the motive behind its development. It is a free platform that is currently being used in popular games like Trestle, Accelebot, etc. 


Buildbox is on this list because it is one of the fastest game development platforms. It does not require you to code for adding images, integrating features or even assign a role to the buttons. The user-friendly features of Buildbox are advanced enough to allow drop and drag functionality while developing a game. This platform is compatible with iOS only and it costs around for a Plus Plan, for Indie Plan, for a Pro Plan per month. 

5.Construct 2: 

Construct 2 is a game development tool that is based on HTML 5. It allows the development of 2D games, on multiple platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and many Web Platforms. It is popular for allowing the development of appealing games that too in a short time span. This platform costs over €15999. Since it is an expensive platform, it is used by giant game developers for professional purposes. Some of the best examples of Construct 2 are Airscape-The fall of gravity, the next Penelope, etc. 

Other than these platforms, there are few platforms that stand out in the industry such as Fusion, GameMaker Studio 2, CocoonsJS, etc. Since the list of the best mobile game development platforms is persuaded, it will be an easy choice to select what deems fit. 

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