Unravel the Developments in Milk Industry Since the Inception of UHT Milk!

Posted by BIS RSRCH on March 18th, 2020

As per the BIS Research, the global milk industry is continuously reaching new heights in terms of production and availability of milk across all major regions. By the end of 2018, global milk production was increased by more than 60% from 1985. Major milk-producing countries have successfully expanded operations and a subsequent customer base even in the remotest areas. Various forms of innovations and developments in this industry have introduced the concept of ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk to the consumers, presenting its various benefits. From the concept of regular consumption of UHT treated milk, this type of milk has further expanded to a flavored milk variant as well.  

The disruption of UHT milk in the milk industry has visibly become a success in recent years and has gained significant recognition for the distinctive features it has to offer to its consumers. Developed nations, especially in the European region, have actively adopted UHT milk as a regular and prominent way of consuming milk. The industry is also gradually addressing the needs of those who are lactose-intolerant by introducing specialized UHT lactose-free milk variants. Such essential features of UHT milk are what make this variant largely distinctive as compared to fresh dairy milk.

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Increasing awareness about UHT milk is gradually driving the industry and leading to an improved adoption rate, especially in those regions dominated by the sale of fresh dairy milk. UHT milk producers are currently focusing on attracting a larger base of customers for at least a single-time purchase of the product, which can act as a proper introduction for the consumers with regard to the taste and quality of UHT milk. To achieve this, the producers are fixing the pricing of the product as slightly above that of fresh dairy milk so that it is not too expensive for first-time buyers. By collaborating with regional milk producers, major UHT milk producers are actively introducing heating technology involved for manufacturing UHT milk across both tier-1 and tier-2 cities globally.

The increasing global population, urbanization, and disposable income have generated the need for increased consumption of premium milk. Awareness about the benefits of UHT milk, such as a long-shelf-life and convenience in usage, has influenced the urbane youth toward a wide consumption of UHT milk. The variants in UHT milk, such as skimmed and semi-skimmed, offer special benefits for a vital section of the population that is health-conscious.

Rising disposable income increasing the spending capacity of the population, which encourages them to buy premium milk, is actively driving the demand for UHT milk. A major end-user of the UHT milk is the foodservice industry, where the demand for milk-based products is considerable. Eatables such as milk-based desserts, milkshakes, and ice-cream, are mostly made from UHT milk sourced from large producers. Key players in the UHT milk sector are continuously striving to provide innovative products for an increasing customer base globally.

Moreover, the defense sector is one of the most important avenues for the application of UHT milk. The booming global economy also involves the expansion of organizations in various sectors, which, in turn, gradually leads to a large-scale demand for UHT milk consumption for the employees of these organizations daily. Such factors greatly contribute to the revenue generation for the UHT milk market.

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UHT milk comprises aseptic packaging of the processed milk to retain its quality and freshness. This involves a high cost for using premium quality packaging material, thus increasing the price of the overall product, which may further repel the consumer from purchasing the product. The high prices associated with UHT milk are also associated with the rapidly increasing cost of research and development by the players in the industry. Another restraint for the UHT milk industry is the varied consumer taste preference for milk. This factor varies from region to region and determines the popularity of the product, thus helping companies to devise their marketing and product strategies efficiently.

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