What To Look For In Your Travel Call Center Partner

Posted by johnfeltham on March 18th, 2020

If travel and hospitality companies want to make the most of on the unexploited capability in the domestic as well as international markets, hospitality and travel companies should leverage an increasingly multi-channel setting to attract and hold customers in the best ways possible. In order to attain that, many tourism companies are counting on travel call center. They can provide better customer engagement across channels and tailored customer experiences which is very essential to stay ahead of the competition. However, choosing the right call center is very essential as it can make or break a travel company. So, what are things to look or in a travel contact center? Check out.      

Compliance and certification

If you want your call center partner to handle payment related issues, you should check if it has necessary compliance to perform the task. For example, PCI-DSS compliance is a must-check feature. The call center has to abide by this compliance to ensure personal and sensitive data safety. Keeping financial information safe is the need of the hour as the news of data breach and cyber crime increases. Therefore, it is essential that the data protection laws and regulations are looked after very strictly.   

Years of operation

An experienced call center that has worked with several travel agencies for many years can offer outstanding services. This is the most crucial aspect to look for in a hospitality call center. They know how to answer to travel related queries and engage customers so that they buy travel packages, book hotels and flights from you. An experienced travel call center with expertise in tourism sector, especially with niche categories such as airlines or rental limo services can be a so much beneficial for your company.  

Multichannel and multilingual support

In order to be in the competitor, you have to be present over multiple channels and platforms because your customers and potential customers are. Your customers can reach you from any medium such as social media, message app, website live chat, forum, email or phone, and you have to be present on all these mediums so that you do not leave your customers unattended. By choosing a call center which offers multichannel support, you ensure none of the customers go unattended. Besides any tourism and hospitality agency is required to be global. Hence, multilingual support helps to engage customers who are not well versed in English.      

Effectively manages peak and low season

Like every industry, travel sector also experiences peak, mid and low season. The peak seasons can get really busy and travel agents have to perform multiple tasks at a time. A travel call center can utilize the required resources in the right time that can make the busiest and hectic season go effortlessly. From customers asking to book flights to enquiring about refund policies and updated travel guidelines, a call center agent guarantees superior customer service. If you want to make increase customers and flourish your business, consider partnering up with a travel call center which posses these traits.

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