4 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Wine Cellar

Posted by Radmin on March 18th, 2020

Alcoholic beverages need to be stored correctly, so they'll stay fresh and vibrant for a long while. But, even aficionados make mistakes when building a storage space for their collection. Read about these errors so you can avoid them when planning the design for your glass wine cellar.

Using Direct Lighting

Lighting plays a big part in a cellar design. It doesn't only change the way the room looks, but it also affects how your liquor will taste. Direct sunlight or incandescent fixtures like bulbs react with the phenolic compounds in the alcoholic beverage, creating "wine faults." They bring an unpleasant taste in every sip.

It's better to use indirect lighting in strategic areas in your wine cellar. Aside from toning down the brightness of the room, it adds a beautiful golden hue to your storage.

Choosing the Wrong Door

Door designs seem like a matter of aesthetic preference, but they actually play a role in maintaining the quality of the beverage. Selecting the right size and material of this fixture helps you achieve the optimal temperature and humidity levels for your collection. Woods such as oak, mahogany, and pine remain among the top picks today.

Poor Wine Racking

Some say that racks made of aromatic wood influence the taste of wine; that's a complete myth. There's no proof that ambient odors can affect the flavor of the liquor. But, a good shelving unit can neatly show off your exquisite collection.

The size of your rack should match the number of bottles you'll be likely to store at a time. That way, your storage won't look sparse or too crowded.

Installing a Conventional AC

If you're using the same air conditioning unit as the one installed in your bedrooms, you're letting the corks dry out. When this happens, air will enter the bottles, oxidizing and ruining the taste of your precious wine. You also risk growing molds in your cellar since conventional ACs aren't made to maintain optimal humidity levels for the alcoholic beverage.

Getting proper equipment, such as special cellar conditioners, will solve this problem. They maintain temperatures around 65 degrees F, which is perfect for storing wine for long periods.

Lots of fine wine are wasted by these mistakes, so it's best to consult an expert when planning the design of your glass wine cellar in Scottsdale AZ. They can make you a custom room that suits your tastes while keeping your liquor fresh and flavorful down to the last drop.

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