What You Should Know About Logistics Services

Posted by Mahesh Vitta on March 18th, 2020

Do you want to know what logistics services consist of? Logistics services refer to coordinating the movement of people and items so that everything flows smoothly, although by definition it can refer to a wide variety of things in a business context.

Do you want to know more? The world of logistics is wide and very interesting. If you want to know more about this field, keep reading the article. Here you will find highlights on logistics services.

What are the Logistics Services?

Logistics services are a set of tasks to organize the transport of goods from one point to another. In the process of solving such problems, the activities also aim to minimize costs and optimize cargo transportation processes.

At the same time, there is a real opportunity to reduce the cost of transportation and, consequently, to reduce the price of goods or products. The main objective of the operation of the logistics company is to build a transportation route with the greatest possible cost reduction and provide customers with the most comfortable services.

Logistics services tasks

Logistics services play an essential role in the business world. In relation to this goal setting, the following tasks can be distinguished resolved by a specialized logistics organization:

  • Determination of the most rational mode of transport required for the transport of goods.
  • Development of a route taking into account the characteristics of the order, traffic congestion, type of vehicle used.
  • Establishment of loading and unloading points and temporary cargo storage places.
  • Calculation of all costs to be incurred in the transportation of the property being moved.

Logistics services are intended to reduce business costs. However, to achieve the maximum possible positive result, you must understand what types of logistics services are provided by specialized companies.

Types of logistics services

The services provided in this branch have to do with the operations carried out to place a product in its final destination. In this sense, logistics services can be divided into the following types:

Transport. This type of service is related to the construction of the route, its types, the establishment of the optimal moment for the movement of goods and the type of vehicle used.


Intended to determine the territories where the transported goods will be stored, including the establishment of the size of the premises, their temperature, the presence of access roads, among others.


Referred to sales based on the transportation of goods to the place of sale at strictly agreed delivery times. It is important that at this point, the established agreements are respected and, in addition, known to all parties. 


Acquisitions are related to the delivery of raw materials or materials, equipment, or other necessities, to the place or establishment where its processing or production is carried out.

How do logistics providers operate?

As a rule, a cargo transportation operation involves several types of logistics services that are closely interconnected.

For example, if a company needs cargo delivery in Spain when purchasing raw materials for production, the following types of services are provided:

  • Acquisition, when determining the most profitable suppliers and the terms of acquisition of raw materials.
  • Transport in which an optimal route is being developed.
  • Warehouse, if, for example, the materials are transported by various modes of transport or over long distances.

When requesting logistics services, attention must be paid to the characteristics of this field of activity. Undoubtedly, an interesting fact that has a lot to do with the type of service that must be provided.

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Characteristics of logistics services

A company that sells products will contract with a logistics service provider who will ensure that those products arrive from the manufacturer to the retailer, where customers can purchase them. Let's see what characteristics can distinguish this service:

  • Cargo transportation can be carried out using one or more types of transportation, and this time depends on the transportation distance, the route and the type of cargo.
  • The route and characteristics of cargo transportation should be designed to minimize costs, but at the same time, you cannot save on traffic safety and the legality of property transportation.
  • Strict study of the route and determination of the time costs to deliver the goods as soon as possible and preserve their parameters and quality properties.
  • Strict study of the route and determination of the time costs to deliver the goods as soon as possible and preserve their parameters and quality properties.

Logistics is an area of ​​commerce to which much attention must be paid because an error in its operation could cause damage and/or drastic consequences for a company or organization.

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