Military boots become military first choice

Posted by yunyingjj09 on March 18th, 2020

Like many young people, there are still many people who show a strong desire for military life in their lives. Most of them are boys. They want to join the army in order to become a real man. Not only for your own small family, but also for your own defense. It is for this reason that the recruitment scene is very hot every year, and a large number of young people choose to join the army every year, so the rate of army replacement is also very fast. Joining the army is relatively easy, but it is really difficult to become a qualified soldier. The first thing recruits face is high-intensity training. We know from video and film and television drama works that soldiers will wear uniform military boots when they receive training. According to our ideas, sneakers may be a better choice than military boots. After all, the latter feels comfortable, but why does the army insist on using military boots for training?

Regarding the choice of military boots for training, the military actually has its own reasons for doing so. In our opinion, more comfortable travel shoes are the best choice, military boots seem a bit bulky for us. But in the eyes of soldiers, military boots are the best partners. Because they perform difficult training every day, they will inevitably be injured when they complete the action. Military boots can protect their ankle joints. In addition, high-top military boots can prevent soldiers from being bitten by mosquitoes during training, which is really uncomfortable. As we all know, the training grounds for soldiers are not fixed. Today may be land training, and tomorrow may be launched. If you choose sports shoes for comfort, the inconvenience caused by training will likely affect the task process.

Besides, there is absolutely no comfort when the sports shoes are wet with water. Military boots and sports shoes are different. In terms of waterproofing, military boots definitely have a say. Originally, it was a high-top design. Coupled with a design that is not easy to leak, military boots win directly in this link. After comprehensive consideration, the soldiers think that this is two different things. It is more appropriate to wear military boots in daily training. Sports shoes are comfortable but also bring a lot of inconvenience, so it is not surprising that military boots become the first choice of the military.                 

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