The animals were placed for 5 minutes and the exploration time

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The experimental procedure is the same as that of the new object recognition experiment, except that the familiarity period and the test period are different at each group of animals. The adaptation period is the same as the new object recognition. It includes two familiar periods, namely, familiar period 1 and familiar period 2. After the familiarization period 2, the animals were taken out into cryo rack the feeding cage, and the test period experiment was performed after 10 minutes.

New object recognition experiment: Adaptation period: In the experiment, animals are placed in an experiment box without any objects, each of which is 10 minutes per day, once a day for 3 consecutive days. During the test period, two different objects were placed, one each in the familiarization period 1 and the familiarization period 2. Familiarization period: On the 4th day, a familiarization period experiment is performed. The animals were placed for 5 minutes and the exploration time of two different objects in different periods was recorded. It is based on the novel preference of rodents, which is used to detect the learning and memory abilities of animals. . The animals are put in for 2 minutes to adapt again

. (Reward) or reverse (punitive) stimuli, without the need for lengthy training, the animals discriminate between 'new and old objects' and 'old and new objects' according to their characteristics, positions, order of appearance, and background, It can detect everything from simple object recognition and memory to complex space, time series and episodic memory, and achieve fine-grained discrimination of animal learning and memory behaviors.

The time was 5 minutes, and the exploration time of two different objects in different periods was recorded. Experimental method 1. After the animals are taken out, two identical objects are put in, and each animal is recorded for 5 minutes. Temporal memory experiment:


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