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Posted by Ambroise Pierre on March 19th, 2020

As the most famous MMORPG under Grinding Gear Games, Path of exile has always been a mainstream game, and it has also acquired a group of loyal fans in the game market. Just this week, Path of Exile: Delirium has been released. This is the latest road to exile expansion and challenge alliance. In the Delirium Challenge Alliance, players will encounter elusive hallucinations on the dark continent. When players approach these hallucinations, a flowing mist will suddenly appear around the players to trap them. At the same time, the position of the fog will also move. If players can adapt to the fog in time, they will also find in a terrifying way that a powerful enemy will appear in the depths of the fog. If you have enough strength to defeat this enemy, then you will get rich Path of Exile Currency.

As one of the most interesting items of Path of exile, Delirium will naturally attract many players. As a hardcore player who participates in the test of the new version in advance. I can only say that this version of the update brings far more surprises than I expected. Because of this crazy theme, it is possible to create many unknown possibilities in the game.

Throughout the entire history of Path of exile, we can see many crazy innovations and changes. For example, crazy Niko and hostile characters in the world atlas show different levels of paranoia and delusion. For example, the equipment in some alliance challenges will show abnormal behavior at specific moments and opportunities to cause players to challenge the unknown world, etc ... These crazy behaviors in fact promote the change in the game, At the same time, it also changed the history of game development, and it also drove the crazy ideas and thrillers inside the players.

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