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Posted by justin p on March 19th, 2020

Network marketing is a widely used business model in many parts of the world. With minimum investment, this business model can give high returns. It’s a profit-centered business model with a major focus on generating as many sales as possible and improving the return on investment. 

Network marketing is also known as MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or Direct Selling Marketing. The concept is quite simple but very effective. The business uses agents instead of employees to directly sell the products to the customer instead of following a long chain of distributors to reach the customer at the end. 

This means that the product reaches the customer faster. The customer also can interact with the agent rather than a third-party distributor. Agents do not earn a fixed monthly salary. They are eligible for a commission for the sales they generate each month. Each agent recruits more agents and widens the circle, thereby expanding the market share of the business. 

To keep track of the agents and the business generated, enterprises will need to use special software designed for network marketing. Many companies have created MLM software to help enterprises manage their business model and enhance it to double the benefits and rewards. Enterprises can either install the software in on-premises servers or access it from the cloud through SaaS. 

When Looking for Network Marketing Software, there are certain points an enterprise has to consider. Be it a small startup firm or a global enterprise, the basic business model would be the same. But the requirements would be different. Right from having different compensation plans to customizing the various features of the software to suit the specifics of the business, MLM software is used differently by each business. 

The following aspects can be termed as the benefits of MLM software as well as points to keep in mind while purchasing or leasing the software from companies. 

  • Affordability- Cost-Effectiveness

    • Using a single software can cut down the operational costs of the enterprise by around 50%. For a business of any size and volume, this would be a great way to minimize investment and maximize returns. The default version of the software is affordable. Enterprises can get it customized as the business expands. 

  • Scalability- Flexibility of the Software

    • MLM software is highly flexible and scalable. It can be adjusted as per the requirements of the enterprise. From changing the themes to layout to languages to navigations, there is very little that cannot be customized. This feature makes the software highly easy and effective to use. 

  • Effective Resource Management

    • The resources of an enterprise are very important and have to be used with care. By connecting all departments of the enterprise and synchronizing the data on the single software, every employee will be aware of the changes in the business. This will reduce duplication of work or orders.

  • Ecommerce Integration

    • Top MLM Software Company In India integrates various e-commerce platforms to the software to facilitate online payments and purchases. Enterprises can venture into newer global markets by using this feature. 

  • Technical Support

    • The service provider company has to be available round the clock to help enterprises in installing and using the software. The company has to maintain and upgrade the software regularly and get rid of the glitches and bugs. 

Enterprises should have detailed meetings with the service providers before selecting the software. Choosing a company that assists with training the employees and can host the software on the cloud will be a beneficial option. 

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