How to Pick a Good Caricature Artist for Your Party

Posted by AAA CARICATURES on March 19th, 2020

If you are a party planner or an individual looking for your own party, it can be confusing to find a caricature artist. Most people don't know the difference between caricature artists, so how do you choose the right one for you?

First, you need a caricature artist who is reliable. They should show up at least 15 minutes before start time and check in with the host or planner. They should have appropriate equipment with them, such as paper and lights. That seems basic but it doesn't always happen. If an artist has been around for a while or has references, they are probably reliable. You don't mess up jobs and continue to get them. Digital Caricatures for trade shows

Second, you need a caricature artist who can entertain. Can they draw children on the fly? Keep kids looking at them while they draw them as they twist and turn? That needs experience, and, again, an artist who has been around a while will be able to do that. They also need to be able to interact with the subjects they are drawing, draw fun caricatures and keep things going. This is a skill and usually the ones who stick around have it. You don't stay in a profession that demands performance and art together if you don't like it!

Third, you need a caricature artist whose style you like. Check out their samples; see if they do the kind of caricatures you want. Are they really exaggerated? Can they do cute and fun? Can they draw with color if you need that? Find someone who can do the things you want. Digital Caricatures

Fourth, do they have the supplies they need? Can they bring an umbrella or tent for shade, lights if needed, mailing tubes and plastic bags for your guests to carry them in? These are all good things to ask.

Fifth, you need to know how long you will need them and how many artists you will need. Most caricature artists can do 15-20 black and white faces per hour, fewer for color and fewer if they draw body/hobbies. So, estimate your guests and then divide by how many they do per hour. That will give you an estimate. If you need many guests done in a short amount of time you will probably need more than one artist. Ask the artist what they think. Remember, it won't be just the kids who want a caricature. The adults usually want one with their kids, couples want to have one done together, and if there is more than one artist, they may want one from each. There are usually disappointed people when the caricature artist leaves! Make sure your guests know to get in line.

So what do you need to tell a caricature artist when you book them? Give them the date, time, address, and contact information, including your cell phone number that you will have with you at the event, or the contact information of the event planner. Tell them if they need to bring colors, lights, chairs, something for shade. Will you provide a tent? If not, they need to bring their own. New York Digital Caricature Artist

When you book a caricature artist they might give you a contract to sign outlining duties and responsibilities. Read it and make sure the information is correct! You should give them a deposit to book the day, usually at least one hour per artist. The artist will have their own rules. You should give them a check at the end of their time. It's always nice to give a tip if they did a good job. Sometimes your guests will give tips to the caricature artist themselves; unless you have a specific objection it's nice to let them do that. If it's a long job, you should consider letting them eat at the event. Its hard work to draw continually, so if it's over three hours they might get hungry, and they will need at least a 10 minute break to rest their hands. It's customary to offer them sodas and water while they are working, especially if outdoors. If you want them to have some dress code please make that clear. Most artists know to wear something different to a company picnic versus a wedding, but if have something in mind, let them know.

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