Java Vs. Python Which Programming Language is More Productive?

Posted by narayana on March 19th, 2020

Recently, Python emerged as a more advanced programming language than Java and initiated a debate Java vs. Python among developer communities. Let’s see which choice is better for productivity metrics in this blog.commas-right
Once upon a time, software developers were dwelling in C-class programming languages and the environment. After a few years, Java emerged on the horizon as a better choice with some unique advantages. For instance,

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  • Java is a compiled language
  • To run Java code on any computing machine/device, you have to install Java Virtual Machine first.
  • Java has better OOP support, compact, and comprehensive coding patterns.
  • Java has powerful libraries, which enable developers to go beyond desktops, web, and even mobile application development.

Recently, a new powerful and advantageous programming language came on the surface, and it is Python.

  • Unlike Java, the Python has interpreted language.
  • Therefore, Python doesn’t need any virtual machine to run the code.
  • Instead, Python code directly interpreted by the machines and convert into byte code that machines can follow/understand.

These are some basic differences between Java and Python. If you are in a dilemma to make a selection between these two superstar programming languages, we will help you to get correct insights by giving the advanced difference. Let’s go ahead.

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Which One Is Trendy? Java or Python?

Java Trends:
Java is passing its mid-life and getting older to fade off from the trends gradually in the programming market. However, the popularity of Java in enterprises and mobile application development is immense.

  • Among the static types of programming scripting, Java is still a king.
  • Java is a well-defined language so you can’t write code without defining a class first.
  • Being an awesome OOP language, mentors who prepare developers are prescribed to learn Java first. Thus, a developer can get accustomed to the latest coding styles, patterns, and best practices.
  • Java is multithreaded language and runs on 8 core CPU
  • Due to stiff competition in the market, genuine Java developers are making it compact in code, faster the coding before ever, and bring more flexibility from previous versions.
  • Thanks to powerful JVM, cross-compatibility across the platforms and devices are incompatible & unbeatable in the market.
  • Therefore, 90% of the Fortune 500 companies or enterprises are preferring Java.
  • Google has selected Java for its Android platform right from the beginning due to its immense benefits in technical as well as general senses.

Python Trends:

Today, Python is getting amazing growth and popularity in developed and affluent countries where people are open and afford upcoming technologies such as AI, IoT, Machine Learning, and Big Data-based application development as well as implementations in innovative startups.

  • Python is highly useful in desktop applications, web applications, network servers, and media tools.
  • Python is great to improve the productivity of developers, bring flexibility in language, have the support of excellent libraries, and easy to learn, particularly those who know at least one OOP scripting like Java.
  • Python is single-threaded due to its Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) and runs on a single CPU core at the moment.
  • Python is favorite among new generation developers, and demands of Python developers is higher than Java. Therefore, Python developers earn a higher salary than Java developers.
  • Python coding requires fewer code lines to express the same thing by Java. It saves a lot of time in coding and inspection of code when any bug or anomalies happen.

Python Is a Literate Programming Language

In the early days, a programming language was solely used for application development, but today, it has a variety of applications other than development. It means non-programmers are also jumped on the code without programming skills.

Java has concise syntax and developer friendly to create software applications. However, Python is differing in this front. It is simple as the English language and easy to code with a smooth learning curve.

Another significant aspect of Python is capable of building good coding techniques for a robust range of applications/usages. Therefore, Python is becoming a popular programming language in technical schools and universities. The student never feels that they are doing special things like programming. Instead, they approach it as writing an essay.

In literate programming techniques, code, explanatory prose, images, graphs, and other presentation material belong to single documents and code remains executable with the environment. Python supports a literate programming environment using Leo and Jupiter Notebook like IDEs.

Therefore, Python, being a literate programming language excels in various areas such as presentation, demonstrations, teaching, collaboration, and research.

Comparison of Performance Aspects of Python and Java

When we technically say that Java is using a virtual machine (JVM) to execute the code on any machine, we know it always will remain fast in performance. Interpreted programming always slow in performance. Therefore, Python remains slower compared to Java.

Unfortunately, it always not true. By rule, the performance of languages relies on the environment. Another issues that need consideration are the types and power of libraries, coding styles, and paradigm applied.

Python supports multiple paradigms such as functional, OOP, and mix of it. Whereas, Java only one and it is OOP. However, if you have developed an application in Python but when you are going to scale it, you have to come to Java. Thus, performance becomes a complex metric in a sense, and straightforward comparison with Java is a nightmare.

Market Share and Community Support Comparison – Java vs. Python

When we think of the market share of a language, reliable market surveys are handy tools to know. According to such surveys carried before two years and in the current year, we have observed that Java remains on the top while Python in 2017 stood fifth, but in 2019, it is next to Java.

Surveyors have considered the popularity of a language based on its demand by the recruiters in terms of the number of job postings in a period. Thus, we can say differences are thin between Java and Python.

Another metric for comparison is the developer community. The more numbers of the community for a language than other indicates how developers have adopted it and what much strong support you can avail from the community.

Undoubtedly, Java has a larger developer community than Python in terms of user groups. Those groups are available on various technical forums and platforms. They also are capable of extending helping hands to another developer whether free of charges or with a reasonable fee.

One more fact needs to unveil here when we compare the popularity of a programming script. Some programming niches are more suitable for a particular language than others.

Multilingual FTW for Java & Python

Today, full-stack development is a buzzword in the market. It means full-stack developers have working capacities in various languages, platforms, and frameworks. Thus, a team of developers may prefer a particular language when they find suitable for particular projects and their goals.

For instance, Python is the best bet for data scientists, AI experts, and machine learning application development. Java may prove excellent when dynamic/server-side, embedded and cross-platform application development is necessities.

Who Is Excel in Both, Java & Python?

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