What Is Document Imaging and How Can It Help You?

Posted by Foveonics Document Solutions on March 19th, 2020

Going paperless can do your company a lot of good. Besides letting you do your part in helping the environment, the benefits of document imaging in New Jersey can help you save money and time down the line when it enhances security, customer service, and your productivity. This is while enabling you to be compliant with industrial and government regulations on record keeping and documentation. It may also be an important step for effective disaster recovery, especially when the services come with cloud-based document management. Here’s a more detailed look at what document imaging is and why you need it:

  • Getting to know document imaging – It is the process of converting physical documents into digital files, so you do not have to depend on the physical copy anymore. This means you can stop or minimize your acquisition of further physical documents and go digital. A document imaging service in New Jersey can index the digital copies into a unique system so you can find or retrieve the scans easily, usually by entering keywords that are relevant to them, like the account number, customer name, document date, department, or type of file. This can be customized to the unique needs of your organization.
  • It can enhance your workflow – You and your team could spend a few minutes to hours trying to locate a particular document if you continue to rely on physical papers. This means less productivity and workflow interruptions, which could lead to poorer performance and poor customer service down the line. Document imaging may help eliminate that problem.
  • Improve storage – The problem with physical documents is they can easily be lost due to theft, damage, or simply by being misplaced. Document imaging in New Jersey can reduce or eliminate those problems by storing digital copies of those papers into a secure cloud storage. Backups are automatically created, so you do not lose anything.
  • Beyond paper – Reputable document imaging specialists in New Jersey have the equipment and skills necessary to scan other forms of physical documents, such as microfiche or microfilm, and large format papers (i.e. drawings, maps, and designs). They can do duplex and color scanning too, regardless of the paper type and age of the paper.

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Gregory DeTommaso is the VP Solution Sales at Foveonics Document Solutions. We are an innovator of document management software and services.  Having the expertise to assess and evaluate workflow processes, Foveonics designs, creates and implements solutions specific to our customers’ needs. At Foveonics Document Solutions we always keep our document scanning projects at the top-most priority.

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