XRF Lead Testing Of Surfaces

Posted by newyorklead on March 19th, 2020

There are a number of health hazards that are related to Lead and this problem is happening worldwide. The first issue related to lead poisoning was noted in the 1978 when the paints in houses contained a big proportion of lead in it. The problem of lead poisoning is still quite relevant because paints still contain a smaller amount of lead in it. The only difference is that the lead is present in the pain in the bioavailable form and it may directly be consumed by humans in the form of dust. When the paint starts getting flaky and starts falling down it is very important to get the house painted again because the flakes may contaminate the air. Young children are more affected by the lead poisoning because they have lesser immunity to lead contamination in the body. That is the reason why kitchens, schools, playgrounds, landfills, and industrial sites need to be checked with the help of XRF Lead Testing of Surfaces. 

What is XRF Testing?

There are various methods of testing the amount of lead present in the surfaces and the most popular method is using XRF testing tools. But then you need to first know about what XRF testing is. 

XRF analyzing tools is the most widely used tool to test the amounts of lead present in the dust, soil, filter, and painted surfaces. The mechanism is popular because normal testing would require a separate team with a laboratory. But in this case, the mechanism can help a single person in understanding the amounts of lead present in a particular surface within few minutes on a particular site. This mechanism helps get rid of additional costs for laboratory and the overall time process. The handheld premium XRF analyzers contain silicon drift detector technology along with floating point processors which allows the person to detect the proportions of lead present within the surface materials in a matter of few minutes. The reports come in the form of positive or negative depending upon the presence and absence of lead in the surface materials.  The reports also come in the form of pass and fail and this report depends the lead contamination levels are exceeding the bare minimum or not. 

These analyzing tools provide accurate reports with maximum precision and speed. They are incredibly handy, can be easily carried around, does not have much weight, the replacements costs are low, and it has post 9/11 regulatory.

Analysis of Soil

Soil contamination is analyzed to find out how much toxic levels of lead are present in the soil in public areas like playgrounds, football fields and parks. With the help of XRF lead testing a person can find out lead and even other metal because the mechanism has a highly developed GPS-GIS data. The mechanism finds out the exact location of the excessive lead. 

Analysis of Painted Walls

The XRF testing is also done on the painted walls to understand how much levels of lead contamination are present in the painted walls. Lead paint testing is done in major industrial and educational areas and the necessary precautions are taken. 


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