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Posted by jessica jessi on March 19th, 2020

Corona virus impact on Search Engine Marketing

You have learned of Coronavirus (Covid-19) by now.

Knew we’re having about 13,000 new cases a day and it’s rising fast?

Nobody really knows how many people will get infected (or unfortunately pass away), but this has caused the global financial markets to collapse, which means you will be affected as a company (or even a marketer).

Don’t exploit the situation

The first thing we see is people trying to control fear.

What I mean by that is stocks running low all over the world. I see advertisers purchasing them and then reselling them on eBay or running advertisements and selling them for 10-50x the size, from masks and toilet paper to hand sanitizer and other simple necessities…

It is not entrepreneurship, but marketing. I strongly advise you not to misuse the situation with Coronavirus to make a fast buck.

It’s not only wrong but it’s really short-sighted too. Sure you may make a fast buck, but it’s not going to last… you’re better off investing your money on something that’s long-term.

And what does the Coronavirus (Covid-19) mean to advertisers now that we’ve got that out of the way?

Coronavirus spreading across the globe is becoming an alarming issue. But health is the first concern now. Not only does the virus become a problem for the health sector but it also acts as a big business obstacle. Anxiety about the infection can have a varying impact on business growth.

Financial analysts

Financial analysts are now beginning to slash their conjectures about GDP growth. Publicity is related to the production of GDP, and any fall in GDP production would affect the growth of ads. Now we can see the possible effect Coronavirus has on the search engine marketing.

Google will see a 15% decrease in revenue from travel ads and a 20% drop in revenue separately due to the coronavirus. The episode would also put down a small amount of consumers ‘ spending in consumer packaged goods, travel, retail and other entertainment sectors. Approximately 30 to 45 percent of Facebook’s revenue is likely to be affected by the off chance of consolidating all of the factors previously listed.

Coronavirus effect on the stock market and e-commerce sector

It is impacting the stock market massively. Online business organizations in influenced nations like China have shown concern with their inventories and growth, as they need to run promotions to get out of their current stock despite everything. As some main products are likely to leave stock, advertisers in the UK and Europe have decreased their spending on advertising and marketing plans by 40 percent.

Marketing Activities rescheduled or postponed

Most marketing meetups, events, and occasions have only begun to be dropped or postponed, and if the situation becomes even more extreme, more removal from occasions may be necessary. Much like Adobe Summit (US), marketing Week Europe, SXSW and Mobile World Congress have also been removed. What’s more, Facebook announced a week ago that its meeting of F8 designers has been absolutely scrapped, and these are no longer taking place.

Travel and Hospitality A similar downward trend has also been noticed in global travel, as companies have cut their promotional investment plans by 50 percent as opposed to a month earlier. According to eCommerce consultancy Vervaunt, there is no common drop in gear sales, but the continuing trends in Italy have prompted advertisers to remain alert. Amazon’s revenue was down but its soon to forecast the trend, says eVervaunt’s Wright.


Hopefully, the Coronavirus will soon pass and will have limited effects on lives. Seek not to socialize too much with others, or go into crowded areas for the time being.

So as for the ads, it’s time to double down. Don’t be afraid because others are scared too. 

To put it another way, double down.

PS: Please be careful, and stay indoors if possible.

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