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Posted by Palm Bliss Resorts on March 19th, 2020

Yoga is a system of spiritual, mental and physical practices. It originated in India and has since then been used to achieve better results in the three aforementioned areas. With an ever-increasing stressful and demanding life with unhealthy food habits, yoga is surely a tool for every individual in the modern age to be at peace.

As per various Yoga practitioners, the following are some of the effects that yoga has:

1. Improved Flexibility

Poor posture, aches, and pains at various body parts are something all of us encounter daily. Yoga gives you the ability to recover from all of these by releasing the tension from your bones, cartilages, muscles, and organs. Gradually with continued performance of Yoga, you will be able to do various poses easily, even the most complex ones and maintain a good posture.

2. Builds Muscle Strength

Building strong muscles are important as it helps gets rid of various pains and diseases like arthritis. Yoga helps one build muscles whilst working on their flexibility as well. This can work wonders for an individual. It also helps in protecting the spine by providing strength to the tendons and ligaments.

3. Improves Blood Flow and Immunity

Yoga boosts blood flow, especially during the relaxation exercises. It helps provide more oxygen to the cells, thus leading to better functioning. It also removes the venous blood from the organs and provides them with oxygenated blood. It boosts the levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells whilst making platelets less sticky. This not only reduces the risk of heart diseases but also improves kidney functioning. Yoga improves the lymphatic system through contraction and stretching which increases the drainage of the lymph, thus disposing of the toxic waste products.

4. Regulates the Adrenal Glands

Cortisol production is boosted by the body if needed to strengthen the immune system. However, chronic high levels of cortisol might lead to brain damage. Excessive levels of cortisol can lead to depression, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and many such diseases. Cortisol also instigates you in eating more which leads to obesity. Yoga controls the level of cortisol produced in the body thus lowering the chances of the aforementioned mishaps.

5. Makes one Happier

Continually performing Yoga can reduce depression and increase the levels of serotonin, which is one of the main hormones causing happiness.

6. Makes one Healthy

Individuals focusing on dieting have the motto of “Eat less, move more”. Yoga caters to this by burning calories and may inspire you to resist your urges and become a conscious eater.

Yoga not only improves coordination but also improves reflexes and boosts IQ. It helps one in acquiring and recalling information better and quicker than the ones who do not practice Yoga. This can be related to the fact that Yoga helps you with reducing distraction levels. Long time practitioners of Yoga, more commonly known as Yogis can control their bodies in extraordinary ways. From controlling body temperature to generating specific brain wave patterns, a Yogi can do it all, as per some scientific researches. Yoga could help you with improving your response to bodily adversities.

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