How Banks Oregon and Credit Unions Use Technology in Modern Banking

Posted by Sarah Addyson on March 19th, 2020

The fact that credit unions and banks Oregon have been trying to out-do each other for the past decades is a widely known and accepted fact. Each of these financial institutions has come up with certain services and products to rival its opponent. In later years it seems that it all boils down to how a bank and an Oregon credit union deals and understands to use technology. This may be the detail that makes the difference between them once and for all.

Does an Oregon Credit Union Use Modern Technology to Improve Customer Experience?

A very popular misconception about credit unions is that they do not use or offer modern technology for their customers. That simply isn’t true. Credit unions, although significantly different from banks, use the very same technology that banks use in order to improve their clients’ experiences. In many ways, any  oregon credit union  can rival any bank in terms of customer services.

Although banks usually tend to have a more tech-savvy approach to how they do business nowadays, credit unions aren’t far behind. For instance, although they might lack the number of offices a bank has or a large ATM network, credit unions offer credit and debit cards just as any bank does. More so, some unions even work with special apps designed to enhance customer engagement. Mobile banking is nothing new to credit unions, as many of them offer the same services banks do.

In terms of information security, any Oregon credit union has the same protocols in place as any bank does. The same amount of caution is taken when working with the confidential information of any client. Client data is encrypted and then scrambled in order to make sure that no one can reach it and use it against the client. In an era of identity theft, both banks and credit unions are hard at work making their security systems safer for everyone.

Are Banks Oregon More High-Tech Than Credit Unions?

Well, this largely depends on the bank in question. Although the technology used by both  banks oregon and credit unions is basically the same, some banks tend to favor the IT side of the business a little more. Although brick and mortar offices are still the norm when it comes to customer experience, internet banking and mobile solutions are becoming a note-worthy alternative for some years now. Technology has evolved and with it the banks’ customer.

One of the biggest advantages banks Oregon have over credit unions when it comes to technology use is the sheer number of customers willing to use an app specifically designed for their banking needs. The app itself is very easy to use, making trips to the ATM a thing of the past. Anyone can simply transfer money from one account to another or pay bills by simply scanning them. Security issues, although they are, are rapidly handled and customer confidentiality is being observed at all steps.

Another great thing about mobile banking is that, even though practically anybody with a smartphone or laptop can use it, it is aimed at the younger demographic. The concept itself of banking being mobile has evolved from the need of younger people for a solution to their limited time. This way they can access their finances on the go and don’t have to worry about closing times or bank holidays. Another great aspect of mobile banking is the fees. Most apps have lower fees than physical offices, and some of them have no fees at all. Paying and receiving money has never been easier. Mobile banking also comes in handy when starting a business and looking for ways to have quick and easy access to your money. Entrepreneurs can now use the time they would usually waste in line at a teller to grow their business and make more money.

Times have certainly changed, and with them the profile of the client of both bank and credit union. This meant that the institutions themselves had to change and adapt in order to keep their customers happy. The way technology has entered the financial sector has changed and revolutionized the landscape of the way people do banking forever. It’s only a matter of time until a next big step is made in the world of finances, and with it a new understanding of what we can do will come. Until then, all we have to do is bank.

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