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Enhance your fish cutting experience with Maja TEM 100 Fish skinning machine

Posted by Ainsleyaiken on March 19th, 2020

The fishery industry needs skimming and skinning machines that can remove the scales and separate bones from the fish fillets. A professional cook wants the fish meat to be neat and clean. They do not wish membranes on their meat for perfect cooking. For those who want to process the fish and then sell to wholesalers, fish must be skinned properly, and manual skinning is time-consuming. That is why Maja TEM 100 Fish skinning machine is designed specifically for fish scaling and sinning.

Auto Fish Scaler has been manufacturing innovative machines to facilitate fishery departments for many years. Maja TEM 100 Fish skinning is one such machine that uses advanced technologies to separate the membranes, poisonous glands, and fish bones from the flesh. This machine is cost-effective and highly efficient. They use less power and are easy to use.

Features of Maja TEM 100 Fish skinning machine

  • Top-quality material blades: — Maja TEM 100 Fish skinning machine uses top quality material blades to skim the scales properly together with the membranes.
  • Highly efficient:-This skinning machine is highly efficient in processing all types of fish. Larger fish take some time, but smaller fish are processed within a minute.
  • Easy installation:- This machine can easily be installed in fishing boats where the captured fish can be prepared quickly.

Working of Maja TEM 100 Fish skinning machine

The operator needs to feed the fish into the machine head. The machine removes the scales and exit from another side of the receptacle or conveyor. The operation is done with water so that there is no scale sticking onto the fish. For getting the bed results, it is recommended that fish fillets are headless, and fins are removed.

Benefits of using Maja TEM 100 Fish skinning machine

These machines are designed, keeping in view the demand in the fishing industry to decrease the processing time in the fish butcher shop. For those people who provide fish to wholesalers, these machines can exceptionally be useful and save lots of time. They can remove scales from different types of fish found in seas, rivers, or oceans. The price is affordable, and the machine is highly reliable. Auto Fish Scaler is one of the most trusted and reputed brands for manufacturing Commercial Electric Fish Scalers, Skinners & Pin-Bone Removers. In case you have any further related queries, you can contact us right now.

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