Cards Marked Playing Cards Devices in Sri Lanka.

Posted by bharat on March 19th, 2020

Action India Home Products present KK Cards Marked Playing Cards Devices in Sri Lanka. We, Action India Home Products, have Spy Cheating Devices in Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte, Sri Lanka such as Spy Soft Contact Lenses, New K3 Analyzer, GSM Neckloop, Playing Card Soothsayer, and Hidden Lens in the Phone, Marked Cards, and Wireless Mini Earphone, etc. Cheating Playing Cards is very famous among poker playing card lovers in Sri Lanka. Our company provides many cheating devices by which cheating can be done. This method can you make rich instantly. If you want to know which all devices can help in cheating while playing gambling.

Cheating Playing Cards

If we talk about cheating in gambling then the first device comes in our that is cheating Playing cards. It is widely used all over the world. When normal playing cards got tempered then it becomes cheating playing cards. Cheating Cards have the hidden numbers on the backside printed with luminous ink. These are invisible and it cannot be seen naked eyes. For seeing the hidden number there is a need for some special contact lenses. There are different types of cheating playing cards in our stores.

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses is that special contact lense by which hidden number printed on the backside of cheating cards can be seen through. These contact lenses may be in the form of spectacles or it can be put in eyes. These are long-lasting. Almost one year you can put in the eyes without any harness to the eyes. After putting this in the eyes you will be able to see all the invisible luminous ink print besides cheating cards. We have different types of invisible ink contact lenses in our stores.  

CVK 500 Poker Analyzer

Poker analyzer is the cheating device that analyzes the poker game secretly. It is a software-based device. It runs on Mobile phones. If you use this while playing gambling then it will tell you about your opponent’s player’s condition. For using it you can keep this device in your pocket or someone else. After that, you can wear an invisible Bluetooth earpiece in the eyes. All the information you can get through the earpiece. Someone, who is handling CVK 500 Poker Analyzer, Can make you hear about the opponent’s player’s condition while playing gambling. After getting the information you will have the chance to throw your cards according to your plan. At this moment you have the knowledge about opponents ‘cards. You can predict in your mind which card another player is going to throw. With this trick, you can win the game very easily. We have CVK 500 poker analyzer in our store.

Our company, KK Cards, Action India Home Products, provides such amazing cheating products in Dubai. You can buy these all products online and offline. Playing Gambling and winning that is a different thing. Because when we play normal gambling then we don’t take stress but when we bet on money then it gets serious. This is the time when you need such cheating products. Our cheating product is very easy to use. While using these devices in the game no one can doubt you that you are cheating. We have designed it as it looks original. That’s the quality of our products. Apart from that our all cheating products are much secured because when we manufacture cheating product then these all are reviewed by qualified engineers.

For more information, you can visit our website more. All the information is available there related to products and its price. If you have any query related delivery and price then you can drop your questions in the mail or you can make us a call on the given numbers. We will be pleased to respond to you. 

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