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Create a professional website easily using a website builder

Posted by jamesmiller90 on March 19th, 2020

Looking to create a website for business without having to hire professional developers? Then, website builder software is exactly what you need. There are numerous website builders available in the online market today that can help you build a website by yourself, with just a little technical knowledge.

Now website builders are of 2 types – Drag-and-drop builders; and builders with Code editor.

Most website builders provide a drag-and-drop option, wherein they give some elements that can be dragged and dropped onto the web page to create the design; This is in contrast to coding software, which lets the users add HTML and CSS code on a code editor that it provides and create the design for the website themselves. 

An advantage of using drag-and-drop software is that with this, there will be no need to do any coding, as all the required components are provided, and ready to be implemented.

While this can be a suitable option sometimes for example – for personal and casual blogs or websites, a professional website needs higher quality content that should be customized to its. Drag-and-drop builders have only a bunch of templates and elements, and they mostly don’t have any strategies to customize the design, so chances are the website you create may look somewhat similar to some other existing ones, that might have been made using the same software. This is not desirable for a professional website.

Professional or business websites need to have a unique look and content, customized to the business’s products or services, and appropriate features and look that can help attract their potential customers.

So to build a professional website, a website builder that provides a code-editor is more advisable to go for, where developers can write their own HTML code (and CSS, if required), and bring their clients’ design idea to life on their web pages.

Another concern with using drag-and-drop builders is that many of these also restrict or limit search engine optimization (SEO) and Web Analytics, which are crucial for the performance of a professional website - Web Analytics is used to monitor website traffic and visitor behaviours, which helps in making future decisions for the site updates, and SEO helps in ranking your website on top pages of results of search engines like Google, Bing, etc. The automation processes set up to enable the dragging and dropping in these tend to censor Google Analytics and similar tools, which as a result cannot be integrated with them.

The website created using this, hence will need to be constantly monitored and updated with these features later, which is complicated. For these reasons, a drag-and-drop builder can be considered a very limited tool.

Now to build your website using a code-editor website builder, you will, of course, need to have some HTML knowledge. HTML (or Hypertext Markup Language) is the basic building block for a web page, and it is not very complicated, even for a non-technical person to learn and implement. It consists of a series of ‘tags’ that can be typed in the code editor. The tags separate normal text from HTML code, which is the text that is written between <angle-brackets>. Different tags are used for different purposes. The tags themselves don’t appear when we open the code-editor file to view the web page through a browser, but their effects appear.

You can find more help with HTML on the official websites or pages of most code-editor website builders, and some blogs online. Once you get a hang of it, it is easy to create your own website without having to use ready-made elements and be able to code your own unique design, customized to the needs of your website or business, just by using easy website builder software, which also has integrated SEO and Analytics tools.

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