So this new Suffering Dofus Kamas system

Posted by Rskingdom on March 20th, 2020

So this new Suffering Dofus Kamas system will effectively benefit Sacriers who expose themselves (eagerly!) To damage, and a Sacrier on the edge of passing will be a hazard that enemies will find impossible to dismiss. Within this method, Sacriers will naturally have more tools to handle their Vitality, such as self-injury spells and healing/health steal spells, which will of course affect their insecurities in exactly the exact same time as their Vitality.

As mentioned previously, we have reworked Sacriers' elemental paths give each of its own unique identity and to make them exceptional and utilize. Here's how they are organized:The Earth path functions as the melee tanking path, using a Lock bonus, an area-of-effect health steal, harm reduction and charms for close to enemies or maintain them in close-combat range.The Fire path is the route for area-of-effect damage at short selection, fine-tuned placement, and bonuses to both allies, such as recovery or Power bonuses.The Water route is the route to counter enemies playing at long range, using MP and RA decrease, spells without line of sight, spells for symmetrical teleportation of the caster, or area-of-effect attraction spells.

Labels like these function to buy Kamas Dofus Retro signify a general orientation for every path that makes it particularly powerful in that particular situation or this, although it has some spells of each sort.

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