Test Your Impatience

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

Patience is said to be a great virtue. How many of us are patient? For example, you need immediate medical attention and you reach your Doctor after calling him/her up. You find that you will have to wait for one hour. What would be your reaction/ would you take a magazine and begin reading or walk around impatiently?

All of us lose our patience at some point of time in our life. Some of us do it very quickly. For others it needs something big to disturb otherwise they are patient all the times. What is your patience? Have you thought about it? Certain ties in life, we can do nothing, but we still act impatiently. That does not help at all. It may hurt us.

What if you are stuck in a traffic jam? You want to reach for a meeting, but the traffic refuses to move because of some mishap ahead. Will acting impatiently help? No. it would be better to get cool and listen to some music or make notes of your work or plan of other things. Take this time as a gift and use it positively. This depends on us.

Success comes easily to those who understand their emotions and don?t let the emotions overwhelm them always. One who is always driven by emotions meets failures from time to time. We have to apply our mind and analyze every situation. We have to react after that. We have been given the ability to react by nature. Touch any hot object and you will get away immediately. That is natural. But reacting immediately in every situation can be bad for our career and home life. Patience plays a very important role in that.

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