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Posted by jason stewart on March 20th, 2020

Every woman needs to know how to dress for the day to day, so she must have several casual pieces in the wardrobe. The casual look is created with clothes that we can wear on every day-to-day occasion, that is, it is that style that works for working, doing day-to-day activities, or going to class, for example. However, to achieve that look that is ideal for simple everyday occasions, it is not necessary to always choose the same types of pieces. With some tips, it is possible to create several casual looks for different situations.

To help you create different casual looks for different occasions daily, I selected some simple tips for you to put together your ideal casual look. Here are some suggestions for casual pieces and how to combine them. For the casual dressing, you can go for Khaadi summer sale 2020

How to create a casual look

One of the main tips to achieve a casual look is to always have three elements as a base: simplicity, naturalness, and comfort. To achieve this style without running the risk of making mistakes in the combinations, we need to keep in mind that it cannot be too loaded, that is, the accessories and parts must be more basic. However, this does not mean that you must dress basically. The trick is to bet on basic yet elegant pieces that can leave your look with a touch of personality.

A great tip for those who don't want to go wrong in their casual look is to opt for jeans. After all, any piece of this fabric combines with various types of looks for everyday life. For this reason, every woman should have at least one pair of jeans and a shirt in her wardrobe. Besides, the jeans can be combined with any type of footwear, and still look good with almost all types of accessories. A good suggestion to look with jeans is to opt for pants or shorts combined with a basic or printed blouse.

Basic shirts and blouses are also perfect for creating casual looks. These pieces can be combined easily with almost all types of pants, shorts, and skirts. If you are unsure of which color to choose, the tip is always to choose white, beige or black, as they combine with everything and still leave the look very natural.

To add a touch of charm to the casual look, a great alternative is to opt for blazers. In addition to being versatile, blazers are modern, match all kinds of occasions and can still be used in all seasons. You can combine it with a simple shirt or blouse, and make your look super chic. The blazer can be used with pants, flare, and jeans. But not to run the risk of making a mistake in the look, when in doubt it is always better to opt for jeans.

Casual looks combine best with casual sneakers, sneakers, flat sandals, and wedge sandals. But those who prefer to add a touch of sophistication to the casual look can also opt for shoes with the finest heel, as long as they are not too high. Remember that the casual look also requires more basic makeup and more neutral colors.

Club look

Every woman who likes to go out at night to dance and have fun has gone through several moments of doubt when it comes to choosing the best clothes to wear at the club.

Choosing a ballad look can be a little difficult when the woman has doubts when choosing the pieces and accessories that will compose the production.

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In order not to be ugly in the club you must have common sense and know-how to choose the right pieces.

Some women even stop going out because they can't find the ideal look for the occasion and think that everything is wearing badly.

When this happens, the best alternative is to relax and look for inspiration and tips on the internet.

And, who knows, create a look for an incredible ballad with pieces that were already forgotten in your wardrobe.

When we are undecided, the best alternative is to look for references of what not to use when preparing for the ballad.

To help you choose the ballad look, we have separated some combination and style tips for you to choose the look according to the type of ballad.

Get inspired and use the pieces you have at home to create an incredible look!

Looks for ballad sertaneja

If the ballad has country music, you have to be careful with the choice of clothes.

In this case, the ideal is to bet on a casual look like a denim shirt with a mini skirt.

However, avoid very high and thin heels, as country ballads can happen in various types of terrain

The look for country ballad allows you to bet on a boot with heels and fringes.

For those who prefer something more modern, the tip is to bet on the cowboy boot, mount or biker with studs.

Electronic ballad productions

This type of ballad is the most common of all, and therefore allows the use of various types of clothing

However, as it is a more urban ballad of house or electronic music, the idea is to invest in a more sensual and glamorous look.

In that case, you can use and abuse the shiny pieces like metallic fabrics.

You can wear a dress with sparkle or details, or a low-cut top with a skirt, shorts or jeans.

Bet on a comfortable shoe to dance the night away.

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Look for ballad samba and pagode

Those who frequent this type of ballad also have many doubts when choosing the look.

Because it is a party that is usually danced for two, the best alternative is to exchange the skirt and dress for a short one, but not too short.

To match the shorts, bet on a tank top, with washed silk details (without too much shine).

To be able to dance all night, choose a more comfortable shoe, like a sandal with wide straps, which provides more stability. Have look at Khaadi sale 2020

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