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Gifts to Give Your Spouse on Your Anniversary

Posted by willowtree on March 20th, 2020

It’s been another love-filled year since your wedding, and it’s time to think of an anniversary gift for your spouse. Art can speak volumes, with a meaning shared by both the giver and receiver—a unique interpretation shared only between the two of you. The following works of art make ideal anniversary gifts that celebrate your love as a couple.

Romantic Figurative Sculptures

For an anniversary, you want a lasting, romantic gift that will endure the test of time. Figures can express what words can’t, showing your love for your spouse. A figurative sculpture of a woman standing behind a sitting man, one arm draped around him while the man holds the other creates one such thoughtful message. It represents the couple that navigates life together, through all the joys, challenges, and daily activities around the home. It shows the trust and support couples give each other, making it perfect for an anniversary gift.

Another option is a man and woman sitting together, facing each other with their foreheads nearly touching. The couple is holding hands, and their opposite hands are raised between them, touching palms. It could represent a young couple finding romantic love, the butterflies and uncertainty mixed with the chemistry and electricity of a relationship. The piece is tender and intimate, the pose derived from dance, giving it the appearance of movement from different angles.

Musical Figures with Rotating Figures

A rotating stand with a figurative sculpture on top makes a beautiful display piece in your home. One featuring a man and a woman holding each other close represents the love you feel from each other. From one angle, it looks as if the man and woman are kissing. Viewed from another perspective, it appears they are dancing, hands clasped together. As Pachelbel’s famous “Canon in D Major” plays, the figurative sculpture rotates, giving you a different understanding of the piece as it turns. If you played the song at your wedding, it adds a layer of wonderful memories to the piece.

Cake Toppers Depicting a Bride and Groom

If it’s your first anniversary, you might have kept a piece of your wedding cake to eat. If so, a romantic cake topper is a perfect addition to the cake. Standing on a base of carved flowers, a man holds a woman from behind while the woman reaches up and behind her, holding the man’s head close. The piece represents finding your true partner in love and life. Even if you’re celebrating a much longer marriage, a cake topper can be a beautiful reminder of the wedding day.

Nativity Sets for Spiritual Affirmations of Love

With an heirloom-quality nativity set, you can start a new tradition: giving a new piece of the nativity with each anniversary or major holiday. You can watch each year as your display grows, from the holy family to dancing angels and the wise men. As your marriage grows, so too will your display, which can be rearranged however you want every year.

About Willow Tree®

The relationships and strong bonds forged between our family, friends, and pets are on display with Willow Tree® figures. The intimate line of artwork from artist Susan Lordi is easy to recognize, characterized by a simplicity of form and gestures such as the placement of the hands or a turn of the body to reveal emotion. Each piece is cast from the original hand carvings that Susan Lordi makes in her Kansas City, Missouri studio, and then painted by hand. Willow Tree® offers an extensive collection of meaningful figurative sculptures, cake toppers, figurine ornaments, wall plaques, and much more.

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