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When it comes to comfort, I think there is no other option than a backpack. And with numerous options available in the market, it’s vital to pick the right option, especially when that option is going to be sitting on your back with all of the possessions in it.

A backpack is probably the most important thing you’re going to buy, be it for taking it to a hostel, another city, trek, shopping, college, school, or any other thing. However, it has to tick all the right boxes. Are there compartments that are easier to access on the go? Is it durable enough? Is the storage space sufficient? Is it from a reputable brand? There are so many things to question first before buying a backpack.

Buying the wrong backpack will only lead to unnecessary frustration and expense. It is advisable to limit the options, clear out what you want and then buy. I know it can be a daunting task, therefore, to help you make the decision of purchasing the perfect backpack here are some points to keep in mind before buying a backpack for you:


There is always a debate on whether style came into the decision for buying a backpack. Although from my point of view, it really depends on how style-conscious you are as a person. These days backpacks come in all kinds of colours, prints, and even shapes. Totally depends on you, and if you are confused, you can always get good stylish backpacks with comfort from good bag brands.


Again totally depend on your budget! Although you can get a good backpack nowadays from Rs 1000. Set your budget in advance and explore only those brands that come under your budget. You can also get the backpacks online just have to google best backpacks for women or men, and thousands of options are showcased on your screen. 


Never buy a backpack big from you. Unlike other things in life, size matters when it comes to choosing a backpack. Bigger is never better. You can literally end up in causing yourself backbone pain. Find the smallest size you think you can carry and travel, and then choose the size below that. If you buy the perfect size backpack, you will not end up filling unnecessary stuff which you will never need.

Next tip: always check the warranty so that you don’t have to face issues in future. Try out Genie backpacks as they literally give five years warranty in some of their backpacks. 

I hope the points, as mentioned above, will be enough to buy the perfect backpack for you. Don’t wait, roll up your sleeves and browse the backpacks for you now!

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